Nazi salute to the Assembly: MP LaREM makes a donation to an association of deportees

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The elected representative of Saône-et-Loire apologized once again after sending a Nazi salute to the National Assembly in the direction of an RN deputy. He received a call to order from the President of the Assembly.

The Renaissance deputy (ex-LaREM) Rémy Rebeyrotte announced this Friday that he had donated 1,000 euros to an association, renewing his apologies after having made a Nazi salute in the chamber of the National Assembly on July 12 in the direction of a RN deputy.

“I have decided to make a donation of 1,000 euros to an association that I know well, which I also support and that does a remarkable job of maintaining memory and supporting families, the FNDIRP (National Federation of Deportees, Internees, Resistances and partisans), “said the elected representative of Saône-et-Loire in a press release.

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Rémy Rebeyrotte also apologized again “to those whom I sincerely hurt (…) and in particular to the families of the victims of Nazi barbarism.”

A response to a Nazi salute from an RN deputy?

The deputy found himself at the center of a controversy after making a Nazi salute in the Assembly chamber during a vote on the health bill, during which the majority was defeated.

“A big man from the RN got up making the Nazi salute” at the bottom of the spans, Rémy Rebeyrotte had assured. The parliamentarian from Saône-et-Loire then imitated the gesture and told him that “we must not do that”.

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An RN deputy found no visual evidence of such a Nazi salute and the far-right group announced this week that it would file a libel suit.

Rémy Rebeyrotte received a call to order from the President of the Assembly, Yaël Braun-Pivet (LaREM). This is the first level of sanction provided within the institution, which was denounced by several elected RNs who considered it insufficient.

Author: JD with AFP
Source: BFM TV

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