Purchasing power: Parliament definitively approves the first block of measures

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In a final vote of the Senate, Parliament definitively approved this Wednesday the first part of the measures in favor of purchasing power, after the commitments granted to LR.

After the deputies this afternoon, the senators gave the last green light this Wednesday to the first part of measures in favor of purchasing power, approved in large part by 245 votes in favor and 27 against. 72 senators abstained.

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4% increase in retirement pensions and various allowances with retroactive effect from July 1, 2022, limiting the increase in rents to 3.5% in France and tripling again the ceiling of the Macron bonus that employers can pay: This “emergency” bill has therefore been definitively validated by Parliament and the text will be enacted shortly.

LR salutes the “senate heritage”

All the political groups supported the text, except the left, for which “the salary question” was “ignored”. On behalf of the socialist group, which abstained, Annie Le Houérou pointed to a “collusion between the government and the senatorial right”, favoring a “liberal policy”.

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For the LR group, Philippe Mouiller for his part was satisfied that “the achievements of the Senate” are “numerous and unprecedented”.

Validated after “three weeks of intense debate”, the bill “will allow direct support to the purchasing power of the French, in particular of the most fragile”, argued the Minister for the Energy Transition, Agnès Pannier-Runacher, before the senators . .

This text will be complemented at the end of the week by the revised budget project for 2022, which includes the continuation of the fuel bonus, the revaluation of the index point for officials and the suppression of the audiovisual license fee in particular.

Author: GA with AFP
Source: BFM TV

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