The scandalous bill that a couple paid for a dozen oysters and two drinks in Mykonos

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The scandalous bill that a couple paid for a dozen oysters and two drinks in Mykonos

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Newlyweds Alex and Lindsay Breen pay an exorbitant amount for two drinks and a plate of oysters in Greece.

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A Canadian couple enjoying their honeymoon on the heavenly island of Mykonos, Greece, decided in mid-step to have a “quick snack” at a restaurant. But when the bill came, the indignation was total.

Lindsay Breen and her husband Alex, both 30, were shocked after being taken aback by the outrageous bill they received at the local DK Oyster, according to a report. new york post.

The Toronto couple were happily strolling around the city when they got a little hungry and decided to sit down in a restaurant for a light snack and drink.

“We went to the oyster bar for a bite to eat and a drink,” Lindsay explained.

“Right away they said ‘do you want some oysters?’ The waiter seemed very presumptuous. We said yes and he said ‘a dozen?’. We accept because a dozen is a typical order “Detailed Lindsay.

The menu of discord, photographed by the couple.

The menu of discord, photographed by the couple.

“My husband ordered a beer and I asked him for a cocktail menu and he came back with the beer but he didn’t bring me the drinks menu. He told me about the different types of alcohol he had, vodka, gin, but he never brought me the menu. ”

The waiter eventually brought the couple “what they consider their cocktail menu”, which was simply “a piece of paper laminated with the listed alcoholic types, but had no branding or drinks”.

Lindsay eventually gave up and ordered an Aperol Spritz “because they clearly didn’t have a menu they wanted to give me”.

Eventually he came back with comically large drinksso we thought it was funny that the bar did it because we don’t order an extra large cocktail, “he recalled.

Lindsay and Alex on the Greek island of Mykonos.

Lindsay and Alex on the Greek island of Mykonos.

A “hunters” place

The couple then recalled that the waiter was always very close to the table, as if he were alert, behavior they could imagine as

“He was lurking around the table the whole time. She was always around, “he said of the aggressive restaurant worker.

“When we ran out of oysters, he was trying to get us to eat crab legs and thank God we didn’t. He said ‘do you know what really goes well with these oysters? Crab legs. Can I give you some guys? and we said no, we just wanted a quick snack and a drink, ”Lindsay continued to the New York Post.

The wife recalled that Alex said she saw a menu on her way back from the bathroom oysters listed for $ 29. But, of course, they later realized that this price was for every 100 grams.

Lindsay Breen and her husband Alex were left in shock after the scandalous bill.

Lindsay Breen and her husband Alex were left in shock after the scandalous bill.

“The waiter tried to get him to eat the dessert, brought several dishes to the table and was angry that the couple rejected him.

“When we were ready to leave, I went to the bathroom and they had my husband go to a back room to pay, which is rare,” Lindsay recalled.

They gave him the invoice which exceeded 400 euros. He was shocked and asked for a breakdown. They had a computer screen facing him and it was all in Greek, but we don’t speak Greek. “

Alex paid smoothly because “he didn’t want to get into a bad situation,” his wife said.

The couple were not allowed to see the drink list and were served extra large cocktails.

The couple were not allowed to see the drink list and were served extra large cocktails.

The couple were incredulous as they walked away from the beach restaurant. “It’s crazy to pay him for a snack,” Lindsay insisted. “We were really shocked, especially as we ate really well in Italy and are willing to spend when justified, but that was something else.”

“I can imagine how someone would end up penniless. It’s not an ideal way to spend our money, but we’re lucky to be able to afford it, ”she said.

“On vacation we like to stumble upon any place that looks good, we don’t really do any research, but we’ll probably start. They have a similar vibe to other restaurants to blend in and make people think they will be priced similarly, “Lindsay explained.” It was less crowded than the other restaurants, “she admitted.

“Everyone had their menus posted outside, which is typical of that kind of area. They all had similar prices, obviously a bit expensive but fair for what you were getting. “

“So it says the squid costs $ 29, but in the fine print it says it’s for 100g of squid, so the bill is € 300,” he said. “I’m so glad I didn’t go there hungry and ordered a proper lunch.”

“Next door, a shop owner said he was so sorry to hear we left,” Lindsay said. “He said warns all who enter the store to stay away and that does not represent who the Greeks are ”.

DK Oyster’s TripAdvisor site only rates 2.5 stars out of 1,455 ratings. The page is full of 1-star reports of Breen-like experiences.

“DON’T GO HERE! Absolutely disgusting behavior on the part of the manager and staff. The cocktails are awful and they charge € 125 plus service for 2! The waiters made us feel very uncomfortable, “reads a review.

“I wish we had looked at the reviews first! This place is a joke! 350 euros for 4 glasses !! I would definitely NOT recommend going here. Please save your euros! ” another wrote.

In the comments, the restaurant owners respond to criticism with arrogance and make fun of customers who said they were intimidated into paying the exorbitant prices: “Let’s see if I understand correctly: they kidnapped you on the beach and forcibly pushed you into a luxury restaurant “.

After all the hustle and bustle the restaurant has generated recently They were fined over $ 30,000. for scamming two American tourists, the Greek newspaper City Times reported.

Source: Clarin

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