Independent: Hugo Moyano handed over the command to Fabián Doman

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Fabián Doman is now officially the new president of Independiente. And he received command directly from the hands of the outgoing chief, Ugo Moiano. Although it was speculated that the leader of the truck drivers would not attend since he had not shown up in the last moments of his cycle at the Avellaneda club, he was present accompanied by Héctor Maldonado, now former secretary of the Rojo.

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Doman had said in an interview with Clarione, the day after winning with 72% of the vote, his wish was for Moyano to relinquish his position in the formal handover ceremony. He promised him that he would make sure no one would blame him if what finally happened this Thursday at Miter 470 headquarters happened.

Hugo Moyano came and gave me my diploma. I thought it was a gesture to be valued. What was supposed to happen happened. The outgoing president handed the diploma, signed the minutes and congratulated the incoming president. We hugged each other, “said an exultant Doman. He added:” We all said that the best thing for Independiente is that we all see each other. The political crisis in Independiente has been closed. These are the first steps of a normal club “.

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On the side of the new management, in addition to the 58-year-old journalist, there was the second vice president Giovanni Marconi and the secretary general Daniel Seoan. The assumption of the authorities will be next Tuesday at 19:00.

“We have been working since Monday. We are working on paying salaries to employees and players, who are entitled to a part. Even with the lifting of Gastón Silva’s first debt inhibition. We have already taken over Dominic’s property. I was at school to review him,” Doman listed his first steps as president of the Devil.

He also talked about what will happen to Julio Falcioni: “We are chatting with Julio, we have already exchanged messages. Tomorrow we will go to Dominico to say hello to him and the whole campus. He will be the DT at least until the end of the championship. Today we have so many emergencies that a person with a contract is not the number one priority. “

Finally, he referred to arbitration following the team’s 2-1 defeat to Central Córdoba in Avellaneda. Andrés Merlos did not take a penalty for a hand ball by Soraire and saved some cards for the guests’ strong fouls.

“We will try not to talk publicly about the referees. Independiente has had a bad relationship with the AFA for more than 23 years. Let’s try to make it a normal relationship. There is moral punishment because an Independiente president was president of the AFA. Independiente has already used the public road to talk about referees and it has gone very badly. The way of shouting has never served; the way must be to work, “said Doman.

Source: Clarin

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