Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne’s friends have been allowed to leave the country, but each has to pay 2 million pesos

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Jack Rhys Hopkins Y Joseph McNamarafriends of Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne accused of attacking photographer Pedro “Peter” Orquera Sunday in a restaurant in La Boca, they were authorized to leave the country after having paid a deposit of 2 million pesos each.

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“After presenting new evidence and calling for an immediate end to the restrictive measures, the defense agreed with the prosecutor’s office the lifting of the ban on leaving the country for both Hopkins and McNamara. The permit will be extended after the deposit of a $ 2,000,000 bail, ”informed the Judicial Information Department of the Buenos Aires City Council of the Judiciary.

That also emerged the British must appear before the Argentine justice every time they are informed. Under these conditions, both are allowed to go through the judicial process free of charge.

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This Thursday, Hopkins (29) and McNamara (45) testified before the Buenos Aires justice and assure themselves that they are a cameraman and a producer respectively. Although they admitted they were in La Boca at dawn on Sunday with Robbie and Delevingne, they assure that they had nothing to do with the acts of violence against Orquera for which they have been accused.

It is worth mentioning that what at first appeared to be just a secondary episode of show business, as the hours passed it became an international scandalespecially when the size of Orquera’s wounds was taken and it was learned that those accused of attacking him had been jailed since the early hours of Sunday morning.

A review of the facts

According to Orquera and witnesses, the British ran and beat the photographer After photographing these two Hollywood stars near “Patagonia Sur”, one of the best restaurants in La Boca, during an undercover visit To the country.

A security camera in the area captured images of the attack and fell into the hands of the prosecutor Catherine Neme who conducts the investigation. In the video, Orquera is seen running to a corner as he is being chased by Hopkins, while McNamara does not enter the frame.

The clash was alerted with a 911 call and, as a result, the officers of the Municipal Police, of the 4C Neighborhood Police Station, moved into the restaurant located at 800 Rocha Street, owned by the well-known chef Francis Mallman.

When they arrived in the area they found the photographer with a bleeding wound on his scalp and an open fracture in the elbowfor which he was assisted by SAME and transferred to the Argerich hospital.

what the lawyers said

Orquera remains hospitalized, medicated and plastered in the hospital of La Boca. The photojournalist, whose legal representative is Matías Morla, testified in the case and was unable to attend the hearing this afternoon.

This week, the famous lawyer he was able to represent Diego Armando Maradona He said the prosecution would not end with Hopkins and McNamara, the direct attackers. “We will also ask that Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne be charged as instigators of the attack, “he said.

The lawyer for the defendants, Jorge Knoblovits – president of the DAIA – had already announced that “upon payment of a bail to be established, they should recover their passports and be able to return to Great Britain”, which finally happened today.

And he hinted that Orquera is taking advantage of the situation. “The fact that Morla has taken on the defense of Orquera gives us a guideline according to which what is sought is a media and economic purpose,” accused Knoblovits.

Source: Clarin

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