Home Sports The prosecutor excluded the murder figure for the cause investigating the death of the Gimnasia fan

The prosecutor excluded the murder figure for the cause investigating the death of the Gimnasia fan

The prosecutor excluded the murder figure for the cause investigating the death of the Gimnasia fan

Even if the competences will end on Tuesday, the prosecutor is investigating the death of the gymnastics fan Cesare Regueiroadvanced details of the autopsy that indicate it the causes of death are not framed in a homicide tablebut about the characteristics of a “non-traumatic” cardiac arrest.

The public prosecutor in charge of the UFI n. 8 of La Plata, Martin Almironhe indicated that after the forensic examination, he excluded the murder figure and assured that the death “was not caused by a blow, nor by the effect of tear gas.” There still remains the experience to determine the causes.

“The autopsy indicates that Regueiro’s death was caused by a non-violent mechanism and as a final result of a non-traumatic cardiorespiratory arrest,” Almirón explained to the agency. Telam.

“This does not remove responsibility of another kind, nor does it mean that the police acted well, but the cause of death was cardiac arrest”, clarified the lawyer, who based his argument on the outcome of the autopsy carried out by the expert. doctor of the Court of Power of the Lomas de Zamora morgue, Cesar Adrian Rodriguez package.

“No lesions on the body surface were observed that would guide the determination of the cause of death. On internal examination, she presented with cerebral congestion, with congestion and edema of the lungs, associated with a very enlarged heart with atheromatosis of the coronary artery and aorta.”points to one of the paragraphs of the autopsy, quoted by the news agency.

The results of the competences carried out by Federal Police personnel – including photos and videos, as well as 400 rubber bullet cartridges – will be ready on Tuesday. That day will change the cover of the cause whose label it bears today “Investigation into the causes of death”.

The cardiorespiratory arrest occurred in the midst of the police repression that took place in the forest stadium of the capital Buenos Aires, when Gimnasia faced Boca in its stadium. The rest of the skills and testimonies – including that of a firefighter who was unable to complete the resuscitation work due to the intervention of the police – could provide the elements to consider the figure of the murder. .

They veiled Lolo Regueiro

Regueiro’s remains were buried in La Plata after a massive wake was held, attended by not only family and friends, but also hundreds of Gimnasia y Esgrima supporters.

Regueiro, 57, was an employee of the municipality of La Plata, and played in the lower leagues of Gymnastics, then at Villa San Carlos and in the clubs of the Platense Amateur Soccer League. He died of a heart attack while trying to save his two grandchildren, aged 5 and 6, from police repression.

Hundreds of Gymnastics fans and members gathered to fire him and also to demand justice with flags and songs against police repression.

Source: Clarin


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