Mauricio Pochettino, before the clash between PSG and Marseille: “Sampaoli and I are inspired by Bielsa”

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Mauricio Pochettino, before the rivalry between PSG and Marseille:

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Pochettino is looking for success that will bring him closer to the title. (Photo by FRANCK FIFE / AFP)

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This Sunday will take place the great French classic between Paris Saint Germain and Olympique de Marseille, a duel with many attractions. Beyond the presence of Lionel Messi, it will be a game that could end in the defining Ligue 1 between the point guard and his first chase, and there will also be a strategic crossover between the Argentine coaches.

In the Classic preview, Mauricio Pochettino sat down and asked what he had in common with Jorge Sampaoli, DT of Marseille. “I don’t know. I don’t like comparisons. We train as we are as people, as we feel. It’s hard to compare yourself, not just to Jorge Sampaoli, to everyone. But we’re both inspired by Marcelo Bielsa and that’s a good point in similarity. “answered.

Sampaoli was compared to Bielsa.

Sampaoli was compared to Bielsa.

Regarding Sunday’s clash at the Parc des Princes, Poche added: “Clearly the Classic is a great match that both teams expect. It was the biggest game in France apart from the Coupe de France final. The rivalry is great. We like the last games we always have finals. But clearly tomorrow is the only game that matters today and we want to show it on the pitch. “

In addition, he has words of praise for the Sampaoli team: “Marseille had a great season and second. This is a season with a lot of dynamism, players with great technical quality. It’s a real team, it’s very important. They play together. They played transitions very well, with great attacking players. It’s going to be a tough fight. “

More quotes from Pochettino

Pochettino spoke before the Clásico (AFP).

Pochettino spoke before the Clásico (AFP).

The tournament: “Ligue 1 is the goal and the Clasico is coming up, it’s a great fight against a very good rival. We want to play well, with the goal to win and finish the season well”.

experience: “It was a special game, I had the opportunity to play it as a player, captain and coach. Not just 3 points at stake, more than one game. For me, for the players and the fans, it was a special game in a season. “

swollen: “With the fans we are always stronger. The opponent might have less energy. Having our supporters is an advantage. Hopefully, but I have nothing to ask for. That’s what we want, their support for 90 minutes. But they have the right to express their themselves however they want. It will be great to have them with us for the whole 90 minutes and the game will be harder for rivals. “

Classic: “I think we have a group of players who know what a derby is. They know what it means for the club, fans and families. We talk every week about the importance of three points and end the season well. and together. we want to act tomorrow, with our best face to achieve success “.

Mbappe: “I have a very good relationship not only with him, but with everyone. We know that human management is the hardest thing at this level. But I had a good connection with Kylian. He’s a player with tremendous talent, if any. where we have seen grow. He was having a bad time when we arrived. We are happy that with work and peace of mind we saw him grow. He is improved, accepts things and puts in effort. He knows how to work and listen. has great humility as a professional and as a person ”.

Source: Clarin

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