TC2000 on the coast of Mar del Plata ?: the two options of a street circuit for 2023

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Mar del Plata is in the sights of the TC2000 to organize a race in the streets of La Feliz in 2003. The category is fascinated by the idea, as each new city incorporated into this type of option feeds the supply for the discipline. And in the seaside resort the possibility has long been evaluated, because the goal would be to offer the city top-level sports, social and tourist proposals throughout the year.

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A few days ago, there was a meeting and a walk to evaluate a possible road layout. The category, which was able to shine years ago in urban circuits, wants to repeat the formula that occurred in Buenos Aires, when it gathered a million spectators near the Obelisk, in the classic Santa Fe or in the glamorous Punta del Este.

The first meeting took place in Mar del Plata, where the Alexander Levypresident of TC2000; Diego Levyof the Tango Sports group; Daniel Igoillo Y Ferdinando Croceri by the Argentina Flyers Association; more Guglielmo Montenegromayor of General Pueyrredón, e Fernando Murocity ​​councilor.

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“We had a very positive meeting in Mar del Plata. There is a lot of interest and an excellent predisposition to tackle an ambitious project like the street one ”, he said Clarione Alejandro Levy, one of the managers of Tango Agencia, the company that manages the TC2000 and the TopRaceamong other categories.

When the TC2000 held those historic competitions in the city of Buenos Aires, with street fighters in the Obelisk and then in Palermo, Montenegro was the protagonist of those experiences, being responsible for the security operation. The event had very satisfactory results both in the sports, tourism, social and commercial fields.

The alternatives

Where would the Mar del Plata street circuit be assembled? From the municipality evaluate two alternatives. The first option being worked on is in the port area, with a stop at the Naval Base, Playa Grande and North Breakwater. This track would be around 3,500 meters long.

The other idea is to set up the street map on Viale Peralta Ramos, with its epicenter in front of the Hotel Casino, the Hotel Hermitage and the Hotel Provincial, even with a length that does not reach 4,000 meters.

“In this first case, we exchange information to add experiences and find the best route to travel together,” said Levy.

If it materializes, it wouldn’t be the first time the TC2000 has competed in Mar del Plata. The last time La Feliz received the category was in 2004, but at that city’s racecourse. That time it was the winner Gabriel Ponce de Leon (Ford Focus), escorted by Emiliano Spataro and Oscar Fineschi.

Nor would it be the first time that a car competition has been held on a road track in Mar del Plata. Since the 1940s, several races with brilliant figures such as Juan Manuel Fangio were made with the coastal landscape of the city.

In March 2012, the then president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner advanced the project that had Mar del Plata as its epicenter to receive the Formula 1in one of the many advances made in the field of politics.

The circuit was designed in 2009, when talks between the Argentine government and Bernie Ecclestone.

That design had 18 curves and an extension of about 5,000 meters. According to the tests carried out with the simulators, the average lap time was 1’33, with an average speed of 193 km / h and a final speed of 321 km / h towards the end of the main straight, on the North breakwater and heading towards the sea. .

But like everything related to any attempt to bring Formula 1 back to Argentina (the last time was in 1998 at the Buenos Aires racetrack), the management ended in absolute failure.

Mar del Plata and the national automotive industry begin to retrace the path of this seductive intention of combining the beautiful coastal landscape with a spectacle iron, in this case with the help of the TC2000. Or even the Top Race, if you are planning to put together a “Week of Speed”.

Some people from Mar del Plata have also indicated that the Tourism Highway I’d be interested. But it sounds more unlikely, considering the popular category doesn’t frequent this type of layout. Although here, as history shows, never say never.

Source: Clarin

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