Ibarra has the support of the referees to continue to lead the Boca

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In the “World of the mouth”, that gigantic sounding board in which each piece that moves generates an effect impossible to calculate in its scope, the voices have the same weight as the acts. That’s why words are measured, analyzed and loaded with messages between the lines. It’s inside Marcos Rojo’s voicejust 20 days ago, there was something like this. “Yobarra is a club man and knows Boca very well. I don’t make those decisions. They are taken by Roman and the Council. Ibarra came in and brought some calm in a very difficult moment, after the departure of (Sebastián) Battaglia. With that joy, that smile that you always see on him, he is a connoisseur of the guys who make up the professional team today. We try to accompany the older ones. This last litter that came out is very respectful and has a lot of personality to play in Boca. You have our full support. ” he told by way of reflection on the coach who at that moment had made a harrowing Olympic lap.

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But Red’s, even with her injury that will take him away from the courts for more than 6 monthsIt is not just another look. He is the captain of the team but also the one who leads the locker room. He is someone listened to by the older, new and younger people on campus. But his message is made even stronger by how Ibarra’s cycle began, scheduled as a transition patch (and continually being evaluated) after Battaglia’s departure in July. His support has another weight because it was Rojo who sent a message to Bajo Flores, in one of the slow motion games on campus, when went straight to hug Carlos Izquierdoz to celebrate his goal. He did it in the days when the former captain was trapped in his fight for prizes and was separated from Ibarra in his first decision.

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That hug felt like a double challenge for Ibarra: not only did he have to lead the team and get results, he also had to convince the team. And he succeeds. That is, perhaps, the main capital of him at the time of the internal analysis that is being made of these months in which not only has he won the championship but has also promoted many of the young people of the Reserve that he has known, in addition to specific changes that have got results. It is true that in match analysis and planning, the one who received the most praise was Leandro Gracián.

“Hugo is very calm in the game, in training. His calm made us drop a gear, to put our feet on the ground. The approval of the tournament we won and the way we compete can give him a specific weight to follow” Rojo repeated in the last few hours. And that’s why at Boca Predio, where talks with Ibarra are constant, everything is analyzed. Is it better to give continuity to a DT who has earned the respect and appreciation of the team or to look for someone from outside to build from scratch? Is it enough to have the players on your side to continue? Can Ibarra give him a more flying team physiognomy?

In the debt column, and this is also being discussed, there was the level of the game and also some plans for the end of the season with massive turnover. Unlike what happened with Battaglia, with whom there was a promise to give him the opportunity to direct, with Ibarra everything happens in a more natural way. He has never even spoken in relation to his permanence or not in the team. The tranquility that everyone points out was also present in that portion of Boca World.

From that hug with signs of distrust in July to the words of praise in November. In Marcos Rojo’s voice it was that of the entire Boca dressing room, confirmed by Pol Fernández and Fabra, the other captains. Will they listen?

Source: Clarin

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