US Elections: Is Donald Trump’s Dream of Returning to the White House Frustrated?

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Donald Trump’s dream was about to come true. He imagined himself in his place in the world – his home in Mar-a-Lago, Florida – surrounded by the press waiting for a long-awaited news that would restore him to political stardom, enveloped in a landslide victory across the globe. country. .

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But nothing went as planned.

The man who has scandalously marked the course of the United States and politics in recent years has not achieved the landslide victory he expected in Tuesday’s legislative and government elections. bitter, furious, his plan to announce his candidacy to return to the White House in 2024 will no longer have the splendor he was looking for and could be delayed or canceled altogether.

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Some allies of the party they ask him to postpone his decision to run for president, because it could divert attention from some states that have yet to decide and that can tip the balance in the Senate, such as Georgia, which will go to the second round on 6 December.

Experts, polls, and Trump himself had predicted a “red wave” – ​​the Republican color – that would deal a blow to the Democrats, taking away the majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate in general. Therefore, they tried to thwart President Joe Biden’s agenda for the second installment of his term.

What happened

They were confident that voters were very worried about the economy and inflation, which is why they would vote overwhelmingly for the opposition, which usually happens in mid-term elections. However, there was no such tsunami.

There are still votes to count in battlefield states like Arizona and Nevada (and a pending ballot in Georgia), but while Republicans are likely to win the House, they would only do it for a handful of places. Furthermore, they may not even get a majority in the Senate as expected.

Biden celebrated in the White House on Wednesday, saying it was a “big night for democracy”. he had another good news when it became known that inflation fell to 7.7% per annum in October.

In the Republican party, at first, they were shocked, like Trump. However, attentive to the results and looking to the future, the priests of the party now they began to doubt the magnate’s attractiveness and its extreme positions that have radicalized the Grand Old Party in recent times.

Additionally, the election has given new impetus to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, an ultra-conservative but with a less scandalous profilewho won his re-election with a difference of 20 points and confirms himself as the new protagonist of the match.

In this context, some allies are calling on Trump to postpone the launch of his candidacy scheduled for next Tuesday. “I will advise you to postpone your announcement until after the ballot in Georgia,” said former Trump adviser Jason Miller, who spent the night with the former president at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

“Georgia must be at the center of every Republican in the country right now”he pointed.

take off on time

In that state on the border with Florida, former footballer Herschel Walker and Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock ended up very close to each other, they didn’t reach 50% of the votes and that’s why they go to the second round which could determine control. of the Senate.

Walker was persuaded by Trump to run and saw his campaign complicated a series of personal scandals with an ex-girlfriend who reported paying for an abortion when campaigning against termination of pregnancy.

Trump wanted to use the mid-term elections as an opportunity to demonstrate that he still has political power after losing the 2020 presidential election. He has supported more than 330 candidates across the country, most of whom are well-known but inexperienced in the media. and with a complicated past.

The tycoon has scored several landslide wins in the Republican primary, but many of his candidates’ positions, such as denying Trump lost the 2020 election and espousing uncompromising views on abortion, they were not in tune with the more moderate electorate.

Although some of his appointees scored major victories on Tuesday, such as writer JD Vance who won as Ohio Senator after the results were known they tried to separate from the tycoon. Vance, for example, did not mention Trump in his speech.

But Trump has lost key offices, most notably in Pennsylvania, where Dr. Mehmet Oz, who is a Trump-backed TV star, lost to Democrat John Fetterman. Trump-backed government candidates also lost in that state, Michigan and Maryland.

The former president now also sees how even the most conservative newspapers distance themselves. The new york post (owned by tycoon Rupert Murdoch) posted a caricature of the tycoon on the cover this Thursday saying that Trump “sabotaged” the election by proposing the wrong Republican candidates.

in an article describe it as “toxic”“Trump is perhaps the most profound voter repellent in modern US history,” he writes in the newspaper who was Trump’s speaker until recently.

The Wall Street newspaper the tycoon was also targeted. He noted that “Trump’s Republican candidates have failed at the polls in clearly winnable states. Perhaps these losses are what the party needs to hear before 2024.” And, he notes, “Trump is the Republican Party’s biggest loser.”

On the contrary, now the media is highlighting DeSantis as a new star and party leader, which infuriates Trump. The Republican presidential race in 2024 looms hotter than ever.


Source: Clarin

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