Scaloni’s list at the World Cup: Ángel Correa, the most difficult absence to digest among those chosen by the TD

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Lionel Scalloni confirmed the 26 players who will go to Qatar World Cup looking for the third cup for the Argentina national team. The coach recorded a video in which he talked about the pride it represents for each of them to wear the shirt that represents the country. But those 26 “yes” retain several “no”, and one in particular, that of Angel strap.

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The 27-year-old footballer from Rosario was left at the gates of what would be his first World Cup. His discharge depended almost exclusively on the recovery of paolo dibala, which in consideration of the technical staff will arrive well at the competition. It hurts but that’s the way it is: if the Jewel did not arrive, Angelito would be on the list that DT released this afternoon.

Correa made his debut in the national team in August 2015, when he had just turned 20. He had previously won a title with the Juveniles that same year, being a figure of the South American sub 20 who shone in Uruguay.

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His tortuous childhood, full of privations and overcoming all kinds of difficulties, soon made him one of the favorites of the Argentine fan, beyond the fact that it was precisely at San Lorenzo that he made a name for himself in great football, and since there he quickly climbed to Atlético de Madrid to become “European”.

To the adversities that life has given him was added one that came from his own body: a heart condition that was detected in 2014 and that forced him to undergo surgery. This year he had to undergo surgery again to rearrange the prosthesis that had been applied to him in that first operation. “I’m happy to tell you everything went well. Thank you all for the messages of support, they helped me stay positive. Now is the time to rest and recover to get back stronger,” Correa wrote that day.

His regularity in Diego Simeone’s team made him part of several squads in the national team, and the biggest prize was joining the squad of a team that will go down in history: the 2021 Copa América champion, who returned glory to the Selection after decades of drought.

In total, Angelito played 22 games for Albiceleste and scored 3 games. In the cycle Scaloni failed to earn a place in a monolithic midfield of Paredes, De Paul and Lo Celso, three of those who played the most in the young coach’s path.

Speaking of “injustice” in Scaloni’s list is unfair to the other 26 colleagues who have earned their jobs in Qatar, but a post from Angelito’s wife sums up the feelings that invade his people right now. “We will always be here for you, in good times, bad times and those that touch,” the mother of his two daughters wrote him.

Source: Clarin

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