As are the exclusive shoes that Messi will use at the World Cup and that dazzled Chiqui Tapia

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Something sparkled in the UAE evening. Was Lionel Messi, which dazzled everyone with its crack aura. However, there was more to it than her brilliance this time around. The glow came from his feet. Not just from his magical left foot; but of both spoils. The 10 of the national team took to the playing field of the Al-Nahyan stadium in Abu Dhabi, with his new golden shoes, to be in harmony with Arab customs and a very special World Cup.

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The Argentine captain kicked a free-kick and collapsed on the pitch in front of the screams of the more than 10,000 people who attended the open-house training that Argentina held this Monday. Messi was exhausted. He started Sunday for Paris Saint-Germain (he left with 15 minutes left) and took a private flight together with Angel Di María and Leandro Paredes to join the national team and change the chip in Qatar 2022 mode.

And a few hours later, with little rest, he dressed as albiceleste and moved together with the others under the command of Lionel Scaloni for his first test with his country’s team ahead of Wednesday’s friendly against the United Arab Emirates and his World Cup debut with Saudi Arabia.

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That’s why he couldn’t even get up to practice aiming against Franco Armani and Gerónimo Rulli. He just stood there, sitting straddled on the edge of the box watching his teammates try to hit the corners. La Puga took off her boots, stood up and walked slowly towards the bench.

There a luxurious spectator awaited him, Claudius Tapia, president of the AFA and current group leader of the Biancoceleste delegation. He made a gesture of “I don’t give anymore”, the Rosary. But Chiqui was mesmerized by the boots Leo was holding. The boss of Viamonte 1366 couldn’t wait and asked him to deliver them to him to examine them in detail.

This is the Hype Legend model from the German brand adidas who usually make exclusive designs for the best in the world. This model is used by several players, but nobody has them in gold. This color is intended exclusively for Messi and is combined with the three black stripes on one side and white and blue on the other, like the Argentine flag.

The outsole is also gold, but in a chrome tone. In addition to the luxurious design, it is composed in such a way as to obtain greater support in explosive movements and changes of direction and has a non-slip heel print to better support Lionel’s foot.

This Wednesday, in the friendly against the United Arab Emirates, Messi will use them for the first time in a match. And officially he will make their debut on Tuesday the 22nd on the Lusail Stadium field in Qatar, for the first round of his fifth World Cup. Let it be a happy start.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Special delivery.

Source: Clarin

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