How is Tina: the new virtual assistant for WhatsApp that facilitates national procedures

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The National State Virtual Assistant is already available in Mi Argentina, WhatsApp and This is Tina, whose name is due to the fact that she is part of the Mi Argentina digital profile, she is a development of the Public Innovation Secretariat of the Headquarters of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Nation.

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The chatbot is powered by artificial intelligence and offers automated information and services on shifts, social programs and public policies, and step-by-step guides on how to manage documents, scholarships and subsidies.

To have Tina on WhatsApp, all you have to do is insert it as a new contact. Manually, you will have to type the number 11-3910-1010.

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The interested party will be able to request information on the services provided by the national State and will receive assistance in carrying out the procedures every day of the year, 24 hours.

After logging in with the Mi Argentina username and password, Tina allows access to the person’s profile information and credentials, facilitating access to your documentation.

The chatbot will also make it possible to direct the operators of each entity so that, if necessary, they can speak with the public, answer questions and intervene in procedures that require the participation of a state worker.

An important detail is the green badge next to the contact name as with all authentic and verified accounts. It is important to note that Tina does not make calls to users or ask for any kind of sensitive information.

“The national government has the political decision to promote digital transformation from an inclusive and federal perspective. This requires the constant investment of resources to develop, implement and diversify technology solutions for the public,” said Micaela Sánchez Malcolm, public innovation secretary.

Frequent questions

Tina assists users in more than 200 procedures from national organizations. It also allows you to download documents and consult the information available in your My Argentina personal account.

Among others, the Certificate of the Criminal Record, the Single Certificate of Invalidity (CUD), the own COVID-19 vaccination certificate and that of the associated children.

More services will be added soon. The download of personal documentation is ensured by Mi Argentina’s level 3 biometric validation.

Some of Tina’s themes are:

  • Health: information on vaccination, access to health, Covid-19.
  • Inclusion and rights: social services, social quotas, scholarships.
  • Justice: Centers for Access to Justice (CAJ), legal advice.
  • Transparency: access to public information, open data, database registration.
  • Gender and diversity: assistance to victims of gender-based violence, access to inclusion programmes.
  • Procedures: access to the shifts of the National Shift System, processing of official documentation, digital credentials, retirement and pensions.

“At WhatsApp we are proud to contribute to the development of more and better technological tools for society. It has been an honor to support the development of Tina and the arrival of her to all WhatsApp users in Argentina ”, explains Paloma Szerman, public policy of WhatsApp for Latin America.

Source: Clarin

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