A Huracán footballer arrested in Villa Lugano: he wanted to rob the driver of a travel app with a butcher knife

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A footballer of Club Huracán was arrested in the Villa Lugano neighborhood of Buenos Aires on charges of attempting to rob a travel app driver with a knife, police sources said on Wednesday.

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This is Agustín Curruhinca, 22, arrested at the crossroads between Piedrabuena and Echeandía avenues, south of the city of Buenos Aires, when the driver of a Fiat Cronos stopped driving and reported that a young man was trying to attack him in the back of the vehicle.

Faced with this situation, municipal police personnel reduced the defendant and had a butcher knife confiscated from him during his detention, spokesmen said.

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The 41-year-old victim specified that she was working as a driver for a travel application and that she had picked up the defendant as a passenger in the Monserrat neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

However, according to the driver of the Fiat Cronos, his passenger tried to rob him at knifepoint when he arrived in the Villa Lugano district.

The prisoner, who works as a striker for Club Atlético Huracán, had been separated from the Parque Patricios professional squad in early August.

At the time, manager Diego Dabove had given “disciplinary reasons” for the penalty.

The Criminal Prosecutor’s Office and National Penitentiary 27 is involved in the case, headed by Mariano Munilla Lacasa, who accused Curruhinca of “attempted robbery”, while ordering his arrest and the seizure of two cell phones found on the spot.

Curruhinca, who had a promising appearance in professional football, went on to play 21 games in the Parque Patricios cast shirt until Dabove dropped him from the squad for disciplinary reasons that were never disclosed.

From then on, the striker joined the Huracán Reserve, where he saw minutes and also scored several goals towards the end of the championship. Under the orders of ‘Chacho’ Cabrera, Curruhinca has become a fundamental piece of the Globo’s second team, but everything exploded in the last few hours, when he was involved in an alleged illegal act.

Curruhinca has a contract with the club until the end of 2024, with a millionaire clause. Anyone who wanted to keep the Viedmense would have to pay 15 million dollars.

No communication was made from the hurricane.


Source: Clarin

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