World Cup in Qatar: Marcelo Tinelli arrived in Doha with his son and showed his first day, between luxury cars, shopping and jokes

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The Qatar World Cup 2022 There are just a few hours left until the start and everyone wants to say they are present at the World Cup. One of those who arrived in the Middle Eastern country in the last few hours to enjoy this event is Marcello Tinelli.

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The historic conductor of cycles VideoMatch, Show match Y sing with me now, He arrived in Doha, the capital of Qatar, with his son and trusted people and showed everything he experienced on his Instagram account. Cars, shopping malls, palaces and lots of luxury.

Upon leaving Doha International Airport, the first thing that caught Tinelli’s attention was the lighting of the luxurious highways in the Eastern Country and the number of stadiums criss-crossing up to the hotel.

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The former president of San Lorenzo went for a walk along the sidewalks of the Qatari capital and filmed the monumental buildings traced with various football players and the World Cup advertising that completes the environment.

After shopping with his son Lorenzo, the pilot and his crew went shopping for Argentina national team jerseys to cheer on the preview of the opening match against Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, starting at 19:00 (Argentina time) .

In the evening, the TV host completed his travelogue by going to dinner and filming how he spends the night in Doha. During his walk in the Qatari capital, Marcelo recorded an infinity of luxury cars parked next to each other. Ferraris, Lamborghinis and some Aston Martins completed the luxury scene.

Source: Clarin

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