Roberto Ayala broke down and could not continue with a note in the preview of the debut of the Argentina national team at the World Cup

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The Argentina national team faces Saudi Arabia at the beginning of Bunch c Qatar World Cup 2022. And in the previous one Robert Ayala he performed one of the rituals of the coaching staff he leads Lionel Scaloni, a brief contact with the television to give some details on the team. But this time the Rat was overcome with emotion.

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Symbol of Western Railroad In his time as a footballer, Ayala asked to send a salute to another Caballito club glory, Oscar Garréworld champion in 1986, who suffered a heart attack this weekend when he was willing to travel to Qatar to accompany the national delegation.

“Let me send a greeting to Oscar Garré…”, Ayala said, who could not continue speaking and remained like that for a few seconds, her eyes full of tears. It was the closing of the interview, which ended at that moment, with the ex-footballer’s gesture of anguish for his old colleague and companion.

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El Mago, a key figure in that team that established itself in the Azteca at the hands of Maradona and Bilardo, was linked to Ayala’s beginnings in professional football, in 1992. They continued to share that path sometime later, from elsewhere , and united by nothing less than the Argentina national team shirt.

The wizard scared everyone

The former 1986 world champion soccer player with the Argentina national team, Oscar Garré, suffered a heart attack a few hours before boarding the plane yesterday and going to the Qatar 2022 World Cup, along with other 1978 champions and Mexico.

The 65-year-old former goalscorer Punta de Ferro had a heart complication and was referred to a care center in the city of Buenos Aires, where they performed an operation to “place two stents,” according to a source close to the AFA he told Telam. .

Garré “is in intensive care, but stable and continues under the supervision of the doctors”, explained the spokesman when asked.

The former winger was due to embark on Saturday evening, alongside other champions who, courtesy of the AFA, usually travel to each of the soccer World Cups.

Garré was part of the 1986 delegation leaving for Asian territory, together with Ricardo Giusti, Carlos Tapia and Héctor Enrique. The members of the DT Carlos Bilardo team, the former defender Oscar Ruggeri, the former midfielder Sergio Batista and the former striker Claudio Borghi have already been in Doha for a few days.

Meanwhile, representatives of the ’78 team led by César Luis Menotti included Ubaldo Fillol, Daniel Bertoni, Ricardo Villa and Omar Larrosa.

Garré became a key player in Carlos Timoteo Griguol’s Ferro in the 1980s, as they won titles in the 1982 and 1984 National Championships.

In Mexico ’86, the “Mago” Garré intervened in four matches: South Korea (3-1), Italy (1-1), Bulgaria (2-0) and Uruguay (1-0).

With information from Telam

Source: Clarin

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