What Ruggeri said about the beating against Saudi Arabia: his memory of his debut in Italia 90 and the vote “reached” for Messi

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Oscar Ruggeri, a point of reference for the Argentine national team and man of the international ESPN network, wore an Argentine jacket and shirt at the Lusail stadium, where Saudi Arabia has scored, so far, the most sensational coup of the World Cup. In the post match he was sore from the 2-1 defeat and threw out some concepts of what happened and what will happen. Taking care, with balance, not to be harsh in criticism, but with moderation.

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In the post-match he left some concepts, recalling when they qualified suffering for Italia 90, after losing against Cameroon in the opening match, but alerting: “We started to figure out the numbers by ourselves. This is fantastic. Look, we entered there , but they don’t give you anything, Imagine if in the last match they have the possibility of excluding you (teams from other groups), do you know how they exclude you?”.

El Cabezón said it happened “in the least expected place and moment, this was in another previous game. Here it shocks you.”

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-“It wasn’t clear to me what Arabia was. Di María was marked very well, very well on the left side and then in the PT they attacked us from the Tagliafico side”.

-“I saw De Paul very uncomfortable, the kind that moved everywhere, in short gestures. The centre-backs grabbed him and he couldn’t be located to get the ball, they worked on him to put pressure on him. We didn’t have that exit that we had permanently in matches that excited us and gave us the feeling that Argentina was fine, we didn’t hit the ball clean from the center.”

-“They caused a difficult game for Messi and they did it. It’s not that they tried, but they succeeded. They kicked us twice…”.

-“Julián Álvarez? Do you know how difficult it is to get into the game in those conditions? They pressed, they inserted, they concentrated…”

-“Now we play a final with Mexico. You have to wait how they end, more from the mood. We all thought we’d beat Arabia, now it’s a separate league.”

-“Today, the coaching staff is essential to revive the team. All the matches and the unbeaten ones have not remained as they are, but they have shown that this team worked. The midfielder took charge, there was ball possession, everyone played short … .”.

Source: Clarin

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