Pelé, the most difficult hours: he no longer responds to chemotherapy and is in palliative care

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Pele in the most difficult hours. The 82-year-old Brazilian star has been hospitalized since last Tuesday at the Israeli Albert Einstein hospital in the city of Sao Paulo, where he arrived to be treated for a respiratory infection. But the former footballer, winner of three World Cups, has worsened as he battles bowel cancer.

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As reported this Saturday by the Brazilian press, Edson Arantes do Nascimento, known throughout the world as Pelé, is no longer responding to the chemotherapy treatment he had been undergoing since September last year, when he was operated on for bowel cancer.

Metastases in the intestines, lungs and liver were diagnosed earlier this year. According to Folha newspaper, Pelé is in exclusive palliative care. This means that chemotherapy has been stopped and that you continue to receive comfort measures to relieve pain and shortness of breath, for example, without having invasive therapies.

What is palliative care?

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The palliative care They are indicated for all patients with progressive and life-threatening diseases or conditions. Measurements will depend on symptoms, function, and prognosis—how long the patient is expected to survive. Pelé also arrived at the hospital with a picture of anasarca (generalized swelling), an edemigemic syndrome (generalized oedema) and decompensated heart failure.

The medical report which was released on Friday indicated that “the medical team diagnosed a respiratory infection which was treated with antibiotics”.

“The response has been satisfactory and the patient is stable, with an overall improvement in his health status,” the same report adds.

The former Santos footballer had been admitted to the medical center to re-evaluate his chemotherapy treatment against colon cancer detected in September 2021.

Pelé entered the hospital “with full control of his vital functions without the need to be admitted to an intensive care room,” detailed the first medical report released last Wednesday.

Meanwhile Pelé had written a message on his Instagram account hours ago “Friends, I’m in the hospital for my monthly medical consultation. It’s always nice to receive positive messages”, to thank all those from different parts of the world who were concerned about his state of health.

The aforementioned message was accompanied by the image of two skyscrapers in Doha, in which a blow-up with his image was projected saying: “Get well soon (Get well soon)”.

“Thanks to Qatar for this tribute and to all those who have sent me good vibes,” concluded Pelé, through the aforementioned social network.

Source: Clarin

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