The young girl, who jumped into the water with flip-flops, died as a result of being hit by the boat propeller.

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Natalia Andrea Larranaga Fajardo, 26, died after being struck by a boat propeller while jumping into the water to save Slipper. The accident occurred at White Wata beach in San Andres, Colombia, on November 27.

The young woman, who was pulled out of the water by jet ski, was taken to a local hospital but did not resist. She needed a blood transfusion and surgery to repair her arteries.

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He also suffered a heart attack and was resuscitated by doctors. After the operation, Natalia was taken to the intensive care unit of the hospital, but she suffered another heart attack and died.

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Before the accident, there were 24 tourists and two crew members on the boat that Natalia was on.

Colombian authorities reported that the ship was detained and the two crew members were handed over to authorities for investigation into the incident.

12/03/2022 11:17

source: Noticias

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