Alexis Mac Allister: “I’m very excited, I’ve always worked to be here”

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It wasn’t easy at all. It was about taking a place of honor. But not a place intended as a simple physical space. The Selection had used up one of its cogs in the midfield machine. The lowering of John LoCelso days to start world Cup it was difficult for Lionel Scaloni, who immediately had to figure out how to replace him, not on the roster, but on the starting team. first tried with Alejandro Gomez in the failed debut against Saudi Arabia. Until you choose Alexis MacAllister from the second meeting and the pampas never came out.

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Quickly, the midfielder who currently plays for Brighton in England joined Argentina’s domestic circuit. He understood the function that had to be fulfilled, what the coach and his teammates needed. And he did it—he did it—to the letter. This is why the Albiceleste DT continues to choose him for the starting lineup. Mac Allister knew how to take that vacancy in the middle of the World Cup and game after game it evolves and becomes increasingly important in the last few meters.

Since I was abroad I have always tried to work to be here. I am very thankful because Lionel (Scaloni) gave me the chance to play and participate in this World Cup. I try to do it in the best way to help my teammates and the team. I felt very good ”, says Alexis shortly after that moment of lucidity in which he saw the right pass to put that ball into the box that Nicolás Otamendi stopped and that Lionel Messi stole to shake his left foot at 1-0 against Australia.

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“I saw Nico (Otamendi) who was there, I found him on the rebound and then Leo appeared. Nico only saw that it suited him and he reacted ”, he relives with Clarín the play that began to direct the qualification for the quarterfinals. “We all know how important Messi is. He has those touches that appear out of nowhere and fix the game for you,” he adds about 10.

Experience busy days Mac Allister. Days of mixed emotions. Days in which the pressure to win his first World Cup, the responsibility of doing his work well on the field and happiness for this unbeatable present intertwine. “I think I will fall in the future. It’s hard to fall now from what I’m experiencing with so much whirlwind and all that is at stake. But I am very excited ”, confesses this midfielder just 23 years old that he was gradually entering the biancoceleste squad.

In fact, Alexis was not part of the group that was crowned with the Copa América at the Maracana in 2021. He came on later, but in every call-up he took the opportunity to leave excellent impressions on the coaching staff, who ended up choosing him to take him to Qatar and now insert him as that third midfielder Argentina needed.

“It is a great emotion that my family is here. They always go around with a flag of La Pampa. It is a source of pride to be able to represent the province and the city of Santa Rosa ”, he adds about the family support he has on Arab land, led by his father Carlos, but who also has his mother and all his brothers present. Added to this, of course, is the resistance of the fans: “What people give us is beautiful. We really like to be encouraged like you do. From the inside we try to transmit what they give us from the outside”.

“We are very excited to be able to continue moving forward in this World Cup. We have a good squad and all matches are difficult. We try to go step by step and don’t set goals or go crazy”, shares the recipe of this Selection who recovered the game after the initial blow with Arabia.

He had just scored a goal against Poland and was again instrumental in the round of 16 against the Australians. “They pressed very well and closed the gaps. It was a bit difficult for us in the first half, but we did it well. We had peace of mind and personality to move the ball and continue to play what we want”, analyzes Mac Allister on Saturday’s 2-1 and is already thinking of the Netherlands, incoming rivals: “It’s a great team, with great players and they are clear on what they do. In these days we will analyze it carefully”.

But first there will finally be five days of well-deserved rest. Much needed, by the way after a hard hustle. “We arrived a little tired. These days will be important because they will be needed to be able to rest and focus on the next match,” explains the former Argentinos Juniors, the Pam player who with a low profile, game overview, precise passing and temperance has become the third midfielder that Scaloni was trying to keep the volume of football that brought Scaleneta to this great event.

Source: Clarin

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