Kun Agüero and Messi enjoyed streaming a chat full of chicanes that ended in pure emotion

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A WI FI connection between Leo Messi’s room and the space where Sergio Agüero develops his lives on the Twitch platform combined to showcase a squad for a World Cup summit shortly after the important match between Argentina and the Netherlands for the quarter-finals Qatar World Cup Final. Without scripts or contractures, the split screen showed the intimacy of the Selection’s concentration.

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The trigger was Papu Gómez’s haircut and a curiosity so that the connected people – they came to be 260 thousand – guessed the inspiration of the footballer who came out of Arsenal de Sarandí. Practically shaved bald, the Sevilla midfielder showed a photo of David Beckham. “What morale, friend”, indicated the presenter but everyone exploded when a user in the chat stated that, in reality, he would have liked to look like Jorge Sampaoli, former coach of the national team.

Even with an audience larger than that of a televised press conference, the footballers let loose as if there was no one else among them. “You show up anytime, huh,” they snapped at Kun, due to his poor participation in the team’s group chat, which he belongs to despite the fact that he no longer plays soccer. And that wasn’t the only slap on the wrist he received.

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Lionel Messi and Alejandro Gómez have challenged Sergio Agüero over his distanced participation in the WhatsApp group of the Argentine team, which Kun also belongs to, despite his retirement. “Sometimes we all talk and you don’t show up. Three days go by and you show up with anything,” insisted the PSG 30, which got Kun thinking, although he was quickly distracted by other comments from his followers about Gómez’s new appearance.

Agüero reminded them that he had sent them “a Copa América banner”, but complained that nobody “gave him a ball”. The 10 Argentinean immediately replied: “It happens that you don’t show up and then you throw yourself one after the other and that’s not the case”. When Agüero asked Papu what he thinks, the former San Lorenzo said: “The captain is right up my alley.”

In one of the funniest moments of the conversation between Kun and his former national team mates, Messi surprised everyone and joked about the now ex-footballer’s physique. He said that after a game he had spotted him in the stands and that from the field he looked “big”, which made everyone laugh except Leo, who held back and, pure mischief, asked him “if he was making the shoes”. .

At the end of the speech, before saying goodbye, Kun sent his best wishes to the players and remarked that he would have liked to be there with them. It is worth mentioning that the former Manchester City player was diagnosed a year ago with an arrhythmia which forced him to leave the top sporting competition.

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Source: Clarin

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