Who is Yamber, Kun Agüero’s assistant who made Messi and the national team players laugh out loud

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True, he had to bet on the jokes of Lionel Messi and of Papa Gomez, but within a couple of hours Yamber doubled his Twitter followers. And on Instagram it already collects about 28,000. Now, who is the popular young man who, after an exchange of words with 10 in the Argentina national team It has become all the rage on social media.

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Yesterday, on a day in which there were many versions on the Argentine national team (there was talk of a possible injury to Rodrigo De Paul), the leaders of the team led by Lionel Scaloni met Kun Agüero. First the captain with the Papu and then the ex Racing and the masseur Dady Gallardo. Even if they did it in streaming, one of the spaces that the former Independiente has found to communicate with his fans and which has increased since he had to abruptly abandon his football career due to a heart problem.

Thing is, at one point in the broadcast (which was via Kun’s twitch @SLAKUN10 account and from StarPlus) the national team players had a technical problem Y the Kun requested Yumber’s presenceone of his assistants who would hit his minute of fame in front of the 275,000 people who watched the live stream.

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Yamber is a 21-year-old boy, originally from Badajoz, who is part of Kru, Agüero’s eSports team. arguably he is the man in Kun’s shadowwho takes care of all technical issues in his streams, both when he does it privately and in his broadcasts which also appear on StarPlus.

In a moment of historic crossroads in the middle of the World Cup, Messi and Papu Gomez they had a technical problem with the sound and Kun invited Yamber to come on stage. He managed to get the Spanish boy to say a word to start a delusional dialogue that made the players laugh. At that point De Paul and Dady had already entered, the big man always under Messi’s protection.

Clearly, footballers started “spending” Yamber. But there was a certain complicity, because Messi himself called him by name (which proves that he knew him), while Papu Gómez (increasingly spicier) combined his name with that of the male sexual organ.

This was the delusional, hard-to-understand dialogue that was being aired. It is clear that grace has to do with the codes that exist within each group.

Yamber: Where did you see the micro that comes out below to silence you.

Messi: So that?

Yamber: There are options below, don’t you understand?

Messi: They laugh because they say he talks like Pablo, the man from Cordoba. Like him?

kun: Stop explaining again that they are laughing. Rodri stop laughing, you fool.

Yamber: Below the call you will get some options.

Papua: Call down…

Yamber: The one right there, next to the one to mute. There must be a small green square.

Messi: That doesn’t appear. We don’t have it.

Yamber: There I do it with my mobile phone and give you a screenshot.

Far from being offended, the boy let go of the camera but took advantage of the situation. “Hi, I spoke to Messi”Yamber posted on his Instagram account and received hundreds of reactions.

“You made Messi laugh, crack”, one mused. “Even if they screwed you, you talked to D10S, if you want to get a CV job, just show that video,” is the (almost) textual message of another of his followers who referred to Alejandro Gómez’s joke. To the point that, some time later, Yamber changed his name on his Twitter account to the one Papu had given him.

This is how the day came when Yamber crossed the invisible wall that separates him from Kun when he does some broadcasts and achieved worldwide fame. Was a new character born?

Source: Clarin

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