Nahuel Molina, the pride of Embalse who defined his dream destination as in the neighborhood: “I haven’t fallen yet”

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“A thousand things went through my head.” It will be the advice of dad Hugo, his first coach. They will be the first neighborhood games in his native Reservoir while he was attending Belisario Roldán elementary school. It will be the day when at the age of 11 she had to leave everything behind to move to Buenos Aires to pursue his dreams. It will be his debut in Boca Juniors, at just 17 years old. It will be his leap to Europe. It will be his first call to the Selection. It will be the picaditos with their brothers. She will be his mother, Lelia. It will be the Copa América that has been tattooed on his skin. Or it will certainly be all of this together that passed through his mind in a millisecond. Nahuel Molina when he defined Dutch goalkeeper Andries Noppert before the start, after receiving the impossible assistance from Lionel Messi.

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The heart of the mountains of Córdoba beat louder than ever with pride. There, in the Calamuchita Valley, Embalse was a celebration after qualifying for the semifinals of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. For the Argentine national team, but above all for Nahuel Molina Lucero, that lean, stooped boy who, at the age of 4, started draw the attention of all who saw him running after a ball.

As a right winger, a role in which he exploded at Udinese, this 24-year-old player, who currently plays for Atlético de Madrid, played his best game in the biancoceleste shirt. On that side he was tireless from start to finish.

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she’s dressed angel of mary to break Holland’s defense from outside and complete the game that he himself had started and which was centered on the magical and divine intervention of the best in the world.

“A goal in a World Cup and my first goal in this shirt is a source of pride for me and for all the people who are accompanying me here and in Argentina. That he touched me here… Not to mention Messi’s pass, I don’t know how he did it” Molina said clarion. He or no one knows how the 10 managed to filter that pinpoint ball.

The other part, also fundamental, was made by Nahuel. How did you define? “I hit it on the spot, like in the neighborhood. Van Dijk closed me well and luckily I was able to fine-tune it, “she explained. And she shared the emotion of that incomparable moment:” A thousand lived moments have passed by me. My home. My family. My girlfriend. I have dreamed about it many times, to be able to score a goal with this shirt, representing my country. It’s a tremendous emotion. Obviously It is the most important goal of my career“.

His life has been linked to football since before he was born. He comes from a great grandfather, grandfather and father who were footballers. His fate was sealed. At the age of 11 Barcelona, ​​​​​​who made tests in Río Third, set their sights on him and that is why he left Embalse to go to the Blaugrana academy in Buenos Aires. From there he moved on to Boca Inferiors, a club where he played little and went free, in the middle of a standoff with the current management, two and a half years ago.

It all happened very quickly for this right-back who played for Defensa y Justicia and Rosario Central before emigrating to Europe. In Serie A he has found his maximum level. Lionel Scaloni was looking for a 4 for renewal and scored it along with Walter Samuel for his good performances in Udinese. He made his debut on June 3, 2021 by joining for John Foyth in the second half against Chile for qualifying. now door 25 games with the major.

“I’m proud to be in the semifinals of a World Cup wearing my country’s shirt,” he said, still in a low tone of voice that conveys calm. Molina. “I keep thinking I’m not falling for all of this. It’s all very fast-paced stuff and we’re already thinking about Croatia,” she added.

Molina was one of Scaloni’s keys for the quarterfinal duel. Cordovan himself revealed it: “We knew that the possibility could be on the right, the coach had prepared it like this to break through behind the defenders. Generally there is Fideo who plays open and I’m a little behind. But this time it was my turn to attack the spaces and luckily the goal was scored“.

Do you feel better as an outsider? “I don’t know if I feel more at ease or more uncomfortable. In the end it ends the same because when it comes to defending I end up playing on the wing. And in attack I start a little further back but practically I end up as a striker”Molina analyzed.

The whole family accompanies him to Arab land. With the flag he says “Reservoir, Córdoba. Molina Lucero family”they proudly cross Qatar supporting Nahuel. That same pride that floods the entire Reservoir today.

Doha, Qatar. Special delivery.

Source: Clarin

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