The dream of the Bangladesh government: “We want to bring Messi”

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The fanaticism that produced the Argentina national team in bangladeshwhere thousands of people gathered to celebrate the triumphs of Scaleneta, now takes on a new impetus with the arrival of the final of the Qatar World Cup 2022 and from the Asian country they dream of having the national team and, above all, Lionel Messi playing a game on their land.

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We want to bring Messi to Bangladesh“, he expressed in dialogue with the news agency telam Sadia Faizunnessaambassador of Bangladesh to Brazil and acting as diplomatic authority for Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Chile.

And he reiterated: “Let’s try to do it, we want to have a party in bangladesh. Messi is very popular, we love Argentinian football so it would be an honor to have him in our country.”

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In this sense, the ambassador assured that “there is a historic link between Bangladesh and Argentina”. “When we declared independence in 1971, Argentina recognized it very early on,” he recalled, and assured that the figure of Diego Maradona was the key to generating this Asian country’s fanaticism for South American football.

“Since we were a British colony, football has always been very popular. Argentina has always stood out, so there started to be more and more interest in the Argentine team and at the 1986 World Cup Maradona became a legend. I remember many people they saw the world in Bangladesh,” he said.

The round trip between Argentina and Bangladesh fans

After the World Cup in Qatar 2022, the images of thousands of Bangladeshis watch matches on giant screens and passionately celebrating the triumphs of the Argentina national team, who face France on Sunday in search of their third World Cup.

And in the celebrations of the 3-0 against Croatia there was reciprocity at the Obelisk, when they saw Argentinian fans wave the flags of that Asian country.

The parties to watch Argentina matches in Bangladesh are huge. When I was young we used to watch it in our homes but now there are big events with big screens in various cities. People gather to watch live matches, it doesn’t matter if it’s 3 in the morning” Faizunnesa said.

This link created by football between the two countries has led the Argentine Foreign Ministry to announce plans to reopen next year the Argentine embassy in Bangladesh, which has been closed since 1978.

From the portfolio that Santiago Cafiero leads, they have assured that with the reopening of the embassy they will seek “exploit the potential of the bilateral relationship” and that “cooperation in the fields of sport, satellite, humanitarian aid and disaster management will be promoted”.

“Bangladesh and Argentina have a very good relationship at the United Nations. We are collaborating on many trade issues, human rights and climate change. We need to deepen the relationship, we want to go beyond football,” said Faizunnesa.

“I’m in Brasilia, Brazil, working for six other countries. In July we had a meeting and we are also planning to reopen the embassy of Bangladesh in Argentina“, he has declared.

With information from Telam.

Source: Clarin

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