FIFA has chosen the 10 best goals of the World Cup, with an absence that caused controversy in Argentina: how to vote for the winner

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After the World Cup is over, begins the review of everything that this unforgettable World Cup has left behind and, as in football, goals are love, FIFA has announced its top 10 goals list, opening the ballot to allow fans to cast their ballot and pick the winner.

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Total, 172 were converted, an all-time record that surpasses the 171 scored in the 1998 France and 2014 Brazil editions, and there were shouts of all colors: from the Chilean average of richarison against Serbia, passing through mid-range shots such as those of Cody Gakpo vs. equator and Enzo Fernández vs. Mexico, up to individual actions such as that of neymar against Croatia and the formidable punishment of the Mexican Luis Chávez against Saudi Arabia.

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However, They did not include one of those who were a fixture in the Top Ten: Di María in the final against France. Due to the instance, the rival and the great collective game they put together between Mac Allister, Messi and Julián Álvarez, by the later definition of Angelito, that goal at least deserved to enter the Top 10. Nor is the second of kylian mbappe in the final, of great workmanship after a gap that has become unassailable for Dibu Martínez.

Julián Álvarez’s goal against Poland, after a 27-touch play culminating in a great definition from the former River player, Giorgian De Arrascaeta’s volley against Ghana and Casemiro against Real Madrid. Switzerland is another of the great absentees.

The 10 chosen by FIFA are the following: Salem Al-Dawsari vs. Argentina, richarison vs. Serbia and vs. South Korea, Cody Gakpo vs. Ecuador, Enzo Fernández vs. Mexico, vincent aboubakar vs. Serbian, Luis Chávez vs. Saudi Arabia, kylian mbappe vs. Poland, Paik Seung Ho vs. Brazil and neymar vs. Croatia.

Voting to pick the best goal of the World Cup is up until this Thursday 22nd December and anyone wishing to leave their vote will need to log in to FIFA+.

Who wins the vote?

Richarlison’s goal against Serbia is one of the great candidates to win the jackpot. The Brazilian striker from Tottenham, in his debut against Serbia, sent off with a brace and paved the way for those of Tité in a match that ended with an impressive pirouette: he received a pass from Vinicius that made him uncomfortable, he checked it, and as the ball was in the air, he turned and met it with a powerful Chilean average.

Continuing with the Brazilian team, Neymar has left another of the pearls of the World Cup. In the quarterfinals vs. Croatia, the PSG star, put together a great play between feints, triangulations with Rodrygo and Lucas Paquetá and a great definition in the 105th minute, even if then came the equalizer and the defeat on penalties.

For the Argentine group, while Scaloni’s men beat Poland 2-0, the Mexican Luis Chávez delivered the perfect free kick: strong and for a corner against Saudi Arabia, unassailable for the goalkeeper of the Asian team, another who is positioned to fight to be the best goal of the World Cup.

that of Enzo Fernández, right against Tata Martino on the second day, seems to be making a comeback against those just mentioned. However, since this is a fan’s vote, the Benfica player could receive votes from Argentina, Bangladesh and many other countries that during Qatar 2022 were Scaleneta fans and celebrated Messi’s team title.

Goals, 1×1

Source: Clarin

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