Scaloni’s emotion in listening to the Primary teacher in Pujato: “I thought I cried everything”

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After more than 40 days in the Middle East, the Argentina national team returned from Qatar with a new World Cup under his arm, and the protagonists were paid homage by the over 5 million people who filled the streets of Buenos Aires to welcome the team. After being part of a party to remember, the players of the Argentine delegation enjoy a well-deserved rest, but the accolades don’t stop: now it’s Lionel Scaloni’s turn.

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The DT of Argentina national team he was one of the most recognized by the people upon his arrival in Argentina, and just like in the country’s capital the streets filled with fans who sang for the coach, history in offering it was no different. A few days after having fully immersed himself in the great history of the national team, Scaloni returned to his native country, and was honored with an impressive welcoming ceremony attended by people from his country and from various neighboring countries.

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It was organized by the mayor of the city, Daniel Quacquarini, and a stage was even improvised where Scaloni was able to take the floor to reciprocate all the affection received in the last few hours. At the moment of being in front of the thousands of people present, Scaloni could not contain his emotion, but his had an explanation: A few minutes earlier, Chichita had been part of the tribute, who he knew was his elementary school teacher.

Today the teacher is 82 years old, but he remembers Lionel’s visit to Elementary School 227 Bernardino Rivadavia as if it were yesterday. At one point Chichita took the floor and said: “I’m excited, and I see Lio with that short hair and he’s become a man. He never stood still, because he was very mischievous and he liked to make a lot of jokes. No , he’d find a ball rather than a piece of paper, squeeze it and get some bandages. That’s Leo, always kind, always responsible.”

A few days ago the master had spoken to Luis Mino broadcast on Ahora Vengo, where he had left the following statements: “Very little comes to Pujato, exclusively to be with his family. We all hugged and jumped in unison. It was the triumph of Argentina, of a group of boys who left their shirts and of all the coaching staff who accompanied, guided by Is Lionel”. And he remembered: “In my subject I made him sit on the front desk because he took advantage when writing to make the rest of the class laugh”.

A few minutes after Chichita moved everyone present with each of her statements, Scaloni himself came forward in tears and began: “I had already cried everything, but I still have emotions.” Subsequently he will leave a message to all of Pujato and to the Argentine people in general: “This is everyone’s victory, and that’s why I wanted to underline it. It’s not of one club or another, but of the whole country.”

To close his speech, the Argentine national team manager once again remembered the people of his city, and launched: “I really thank the people, now that I’m in my city, because I know what they suffered for me and my family. It’s a triumph for all of us, we would have loved to have crossed all of Argentina yesterday with the collective, because I think they deserve itBy now, both below and above the stage, there were few who could contain their excitement.

Finally, the mayor of Pujato presented Scaloni with a commemorative plaque in thanks, and also announced that they would name a street “Lionel Scaloni” within the town where the DT comes from. In this way the world champions continue to add accolades, and this time it was none other than Lionel Scaloni, the pilot of this team that entered the history of Argentine football.

Source: Clarin

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