The bizarre offer of an Omani lawyer to keep the shirt used by Messi

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An out-of-the-tradition situation that attracted attention in the celebrations of the Argentine national team after being proclaimed champion of the ecumenical competition held in Qatar, was the black jersey with golden details that she wore Lionel Messi after it was offered by the Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thanias the star carried the prized trophy with his teammates.

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Regard Bishta semi-transparent layer of Japanese cotton and German gold thread used in Asia for pay homage and show appreciation to a person of high rank. In this case, seeing the star wearing the tunic sparked a revolution and an Omani lawyer offered an exorbitant price for the tunic worn by the ten.

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In the normal market, the characteristic garment of the Qatari territory has an estimated value of around 2,000 dollars. But, Ahmed Al Barwanilawyer and member of parliament from Oman, considering the emotional and sentimental value of the garment as it is part of a historic photo of Lionel lifting the most coveted trophy in world football, offered 1 million dollars to be with her and the proposal was made on social media.

“From the Sultanate of Oman, congratulations on winning the Qatar 2022 World Cup”, the message began with a special greeting for the staggered who last Sunday won the world title by beating France in the final.

Then came the offer: “The Arab bisht, symbol of chivalry and wisdom. I offer you one million dollars (£829,000) in exchange for that bisht“.

As confirmed by Qatar tailor Muhammad Abdullah Al Salemtasked with making Messi’s suit, revealed that the Bisht’s tailoring has reached a value of $1,991i.e. the lawyer is willing to pay a total added value of $998,009.

The lawyer gave his explanations as to why he wants to keep the garment and moved on to the emotional side. “I was at the stadium watching that live moment when the Emir of Qatar gave the bisht to Messi,” he quoted.

He added, “This moment has told the world that we are here, and this is our culture, please know that.”

But also, it won’t be just for him but it will be visible to everyone. “It will be displayed to commemorate that proud moment and to help us revive it, and also to remind us that we can (do anything),” he concluded in an interview.

Since Messi posed with the garment in front of the photographic lenses of the world that were present at the Lusail stadium, where the national team celebrated the long-awaited title, the sale of the Bisht has started to have an increasing curve in the market. And the author of the garment worn by Lio admitted that the Argentines present in Qatar came to the shop to buy a garment. “At one point there were dozens of people waiting in front of the shop. almost all Argentines,” tailor Al Salem told AFP.

Source: Clarin

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