Schwartzman and Zeballos will not play against Finland: what alternatives are left for ‘Mago’ Coria to try to qualify for the Davis Cup finals

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Argentina will have a big challenge in the Qualifiers for the end 2023 of the Davis Cup, which will take place in February. because he will visit Finland, a team that is strong at home, in Espoo, in a duel that will be played on a fast pitch and indoors due to the extremely harsh climate of that period of the year (with average temperatures of 8 degrees below zero). And also because he will travel with a list of players that he will not include diego schwartzmann nor to Horace Zeballostheir two best finishers in singles and doubles, respectively, which could cause the inclusion of two rookies such as Pedro Cachin Y Thomas Etcheverry.

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A source close to the Argentine captain Guillermo Coria he told the news agency telam that Schwartzman, 25th in the world rankings, has already warned that he will not play the series on February 4 and 5. The decision of small It is not too surprising, because it is confirmed as one of the great attractions of the Córdoba ATP (from 6 to 12 February) e Buenos Aires (the following week), two important dates in the South American brick dust season.

Meanwhile, Zeballos’ circles have announced that the man from Mar del Plata, 14th in the world in doubles, will also not travel to Finland.

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The series would also be lost Sebastian Baez (43rd in the world ranking), who made his debut in Davis in March of this year in the series that the Biancoceleste team beat the Czech Republic in Buenos Aires.

In the specific case of the tennis player born in San Martín 21 years ago, the decision not to play the February match was evaluated and discussed between Coria and Sebastian Gutiérrezthe player’s coach, and it was taken into account that he is not in the best shape to represent the country as he needs to regain confidence, which he hopes to achieve on the slow-court tour.

In any case, if your presence is essential, Báez would accept Coria’s summons.

Although the Argentine captain has until January 6 to deliver the official list, it is estimated that he will do so by the end of the year, as the tennis players need time to define their logistics for the start of the 2023 season, which will kick off, mainly in Australia.

In this context, Coria will have to work “magic” to seduce the players he lacks to complete the lineup, especially due to the proximity of the duel against Finland with the start of the brick dust tour, which is usually a fixed appointment in the Argentine calendar.

Those that would be available are Francis Cerundolo (30th), from an excellent 2022 and who made his debut this year in the Finals played in Bologna; Pedro Cachin (57th), Frederick Coria (75°), Tomás Martin Etcheverry (79th), and also doubles the players Andrew Molteni (38th in the ranking of this modality) e Massimo Gonzalez (45th).

In the case of Cachín, born in the Cordovan city of Bell Ville 27 years ago, he was already contacted by the Rosario coaching staff a couple of weeks ago and, if called up, he will agree to join the squad, in what would be his debut. The same would happen with 23-year-old Etcheverry from La Plata.

Finland, for its part, confirmed eleven days ago the five players who will make up the team that will host the Argentines. Captain Jarkko Nieminen choice Emil Ruusuvuoriwhich is in 40th place in the ATP rankings, Otto Virtanen (176th), Eero Vasa (1,069th), Patrik Niklas Salminen (1.202°) and double that Harri Eliovaara11th in the world in the ranking of couples and semifinalist in the recent ones ATP Finals from Turin.

It was also confirmed that the match will be played at the stadium Espoo Metro Areena, with a capacity of 6,982 for ice hockey games, its regular use; although up to 8,582 people can enter when it hosts recitals.

Despite the advantage of the area and the location for the Scandinavians, the series is assumed to be even, as Argentina, even with important losses, will draw a formation with the possibility of competing against a rival who has Ruusuvuori and double as his strong card .

The only precedent between Argentines and Finns dates back to 1960 in Helsinki, when Argentina won categorically 5-0, with a formation that included Eduardo Soriano Y Robert Aubone play all points. Precisely because that duel had been played before 1970, the location for the February series was drawn, as established by the regulation, and the case benefited the Finns.

Davis 2023 already has four countries confirmed for the finals: Canada Y Australiachampion and runner-up of the 2022 edition, plus Italy Y Spaineach of whom received special invitations.

The Qualifiers, with a game system that includes two singles on the first day plus one double and two more singles on the second, will define the other 12 nations that will play the group stage, which will be played in September.

The other February crossings will be Croatia-Austriain Rijeka; Hungary-Francein Tatabanya; Uzbekistan-USAin Tashkent; Germany-Switzerlandin Trier; Norway-Serbiain Oslo; South Korea-Belgiumin Seoul; Sweden-Bosnia and Herzegovinain Stockholm; Holland-Slovakiain Groningen; Portugal-Czech Republicin Maya; Chile-Kazakhstan, in La Serena; Y Colombia-Great Britainin Cotà.

With information from Telam

Source: Clarin

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