China Ansa moved to announce her pregnancy: “Our long-awaited and dreamed-of project has arrived”

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at the end of The news of the people (Telephone, Monday to Friday at 1pm) Paulosky German announced that the closure would be in charge of Josefina “China” Ansa. “It will be your time,” said the driver. And the journalist, super smiling, underlined: “It’ll be my time… it’s my time.”

And then La China, who is in a relationship with footballer Diego Mendoza, gave the happy news: “I’ll tell everyone because my teammates here have known it for a long time, but hey, we’ve been as cautious as possible waiting for the at your place… I’m so pregnant.”

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After receiving the applause of her teammates, La China, with tears in her eyes, highlighted: “I’m a little moved, I’m very happy, I’m living the best moment of my life with Diego, who is the person that I have chosen to spend my life, that I love deeply. This is our best creation.”

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“Zero curricular experience, but here we go… I don’t know how to behave or officiate as a mother, but Yes, I think I’m a good daughter and I got the best example from my mother”added the member also of the debates of Big Brother (Telephone).

“Dieguito, let’s move forward with this project. It is our best gift, chosen, dreamed and happy”highlighted La China, who showed off her little belly and pointed out that it has an expiration date “from June 20th.”

Paoloski closed the program with his best wishes: “The best news to wrap up the news. The family is growing and we are happy.”

His emotion in the networks

In its social networks, La China has also expressed all its joy.
“Better than 2, THEY ARE 3. Our long awaited and dreamed project has arrived.We have thought of you, we have dreamed of you, we have imagined you… and we have even spoken to you. ???????? You arrived and changed course,” said the journalist, along with a photo with her partner and a short video of an ultrasound.

“Today we are immensely happy to tell you that our best creation is on the way. The only certainty we can give you today is that we will have a great time and that you will have fun… YOU WILL HAVE FUN”followed in his publication on his Instagram account, where he has more than 290,000 followers.

“We can’t wait to see you, we love you ❤️ Happy 3 and a half months baby”closed La China, which garnered thousands of likes and a large number of comments from her followers and loved ones.

His partner, Diego, who after passing through Huracán is now without a club, shared the post and added: “I love you, you will be the best mom in the world”along with a heart emoji.

“Congratulations chinitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa that’s going to be Leo!!!!!” Belu Lucius wished him. “Me@mueroooooooooooooi chini I love you”wrote Julieta Puente. “Vamooooos! Congratulations to both of you !!!!”, celebrated his partner Fernando Carlos. And Mauro Szeta, among many others, expressed: “What happiness, friend. Let’s go”.


Source: Clarin

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