A glory of the golden generation defended Lionel Messi and aimed at Martín Liberman for criticizing the Argentina national team

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The Argentina national team became world champion in Qatar, after 36 years, e Lionel Messi raised the trophy he dreamed of so much. Almost 10 days after the historic conquest, there are still users on social media who point against the journalists who have criticized the Albicelestial in lean times.

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A sort of digital experimentation that always has the same communicators as its recipients. One of those who sting is Martin Libermann. The journalist was treated like a “muffle” by many Twitter users when they learned that he was in Qatar and reproached him for his excessive criticism of him Lionel Messi, Lionel Scaloni Y angel of mary.

In response, the TV presenter posted a video on his YouTube channel before Christmas on his “true thoughts on Messi and Scaloni”. There he defended himself against what he considers fake news against him. The tweet quickly went viral, with hundreds of netizens leaving their messages against Liberman.

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One of them was Luke Vittorianoone of the founding members of the Golden Basketball Generation, who pointed at the reporter on his Twitter account: “Which, don’t fault Colorado if you haven’t studied“, began by saying the technical director of the Instituto de Córdoba, who recently became champions of the National League Super Cup against Quimsa.

The former point guard ended the tweet with lots of Leo banking pepper. “He can talk about Messi and Di María because of the World Cup he played and won. Who are you to criticize the humble, brilliant constructor of respectful opinions and magnificent journalist Martín Mufardi Liberman? Enough guys! #LTA,” he concluded.

Users quickly funded Tucuman, who was vice world champion in 2002 and US champion in 2001 with the Argentine national team. “Fuck Luke! Whoever won everything in 2022 can say what they want“, commented a user under the publication of the DT referring to the Super Cup and the National League championship that the Glory also revoked mid-year.

It’s good that someone like you finds it“, commented another Internet user. Another user pointed openly at Liberman:” You can criticize, what bothers you is that he is arrogant and tries to have a small impact in the media. There are ways to express a position without attacking or hurting anyone. This guy for a couple of seconds of fame sells you to his mother. A terrible bad latte”, finished.

Lucas Victoriano, 45, was born in San Miguel de Tucumán. He shone in the Olimpia de Venado Tuerto where he was champion of the National League. He quickly went to Europe where he shone at Real Madrid and Zaragoza. He also played in Italy and had a great time with the Argentine basketball team, being one of the first players of what later became known as the Golden Generation.

The former point guard tried on the coaching suit in 2015 when he started managing Spanish club CB Pozuelo. Then he went through Estudiantes de Concordia and Regatas de Corrientes, in Argentina. In 2021 he arrived at the Instituto de Córdoba and revolutionized the Glory obtaining in less than two years Super 20, National League and Super Cup.

Also, in June of this year he made history by becoming the first person to become a champion as a coach and coach and as a player in the National Basketball League.

Source: Clarin

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