Michael Schumacher: Nine years after the accident, the health of the seven-time German champion is under lock and key

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9 years ago, on December 29, 2013, shocking news came from the French Alps. over there, Michael Schumacher had suffered a skiing accident at Meribel station. The seven-time champion of Formula 1 he had hit his head and suffered brain damage that changed his life forever. And since then his health is unknown.

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The Schumacher family has decided keep your health a secret and for many years there was little information about the condition of the Kaiser until last year a documentary produced for Netflix He promised to shed some light, even if reduced to the testimonies of his most intimate environment.

That day of the accident that changed Schumacher’s life, the first thing that came was concern. It was learned that he had been flown by helicopter to the nearest hospital, where it was determined that his state of health is serious.

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Subsequently, he was sent to Grenoble, where he was operated on twice. There he remained six months in a coma, until its revival in June 2014.

“Michael has left the University Hospital of Grenoble to continue his long phase of rehabilitation. He is no longer in a coma”his spokesman said at the time, Sabine Kehmthe one responsible for communicating aspects of Schumi’s life and very active in the beginning.

In September 2014, the former racing driver was relocated to his Swiss home located on the shores of Lake Geneva in Geneva., where a long process of rehabilitation began. It was, perhaps, the moment of greatest exposure: paparazzi From all over the world they tried to capture a photograph of the place despite the request for confidentiality by Corinna, the wife of the multiple champion.

After nearly a decade, more about his condition was expected to be heard through the documentary Schumacher. But he did not provide data, but testimonies from his family, who in the midst of pain gave clues about how the 52-year-old German is doing.

It was just bad luck, the worst in life. It’s always terrifying when you wonder why this is happening to Michael or to us: why couldn’t it be otherwise?”Corinna Schumacher wondered.

“Of course I miss him, every day and not only me but also the children, the family, his father, everyone around him, but he is still here and that gives us strength. We are together, we live at home. Together and we do what we can to make Michael the best he can be and for you to feel our family bond. Whatever happens, I’ll do everything I can.”his wife confessed.

Mick, son of the multiple champion and current reserve driver for Mercedes in F1 – the stable where his father retired -, emotionally recounted how his life and the bond between them had changed since that December 29, 2013. “Since the accident, those experiences, those moments that I imagine so many others have with their parents, are gone. I think it’s a bit unfairhe confessed.

“Dad and I understand each other differently now, simply because we speak a similar language, the language of motorsport. We have so much more to talk about and at least that’s where my head is most of the time. Think: I would give up everything just to have thathe acknowledged.

“I think the documentary is very, very good. But, at the same time, it’s extremely hard for me to see that. It gives me so many emotions”added those who have raced in Haas up to this year.

Meanwhile, in this 2022, it was a book that referred to Schumacher. Although he was not related to the family but to his former manager, Will Webber, who wrote “Blood Gasoline”.

There he got hurt with German, which he also described as “stingy” and “bad”, but noted that if he could talk to him, he would tell him that he will always be “there to fix everything”.

Instead, Weber’s shot lasted against Corinna and Jean Todt for leaving him aside when Schumacher had an accident. “The day of the accident, I was at an event, in a hotel, and my cell phone rang. A friend told me that Michael had been in a skiing accident, but that it didn’t seem serious. Then they told me they were taking him to the hospital”.he remembered.

“I called his wife and she didn’t answer. I called Todt to ask him if I should go to the hospital and he told me to wait, that it was ‘too early’. I called the next day and no one answered anymore I, I let a few days go by not to disturb but i realized they wanted to leave me out and that caused me a lot of pain. I have since tried to contact Corinna hundreds of times.expressed in the book.

Schumi’s family did not respond. Nor has he released a statement nine years after his life-changing accident. It still keeps the secret, also because there is little to communicate. And because the pain is still hard to bear.

Source: Clarin

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