The creators of the flip-flops worn by Lionel Messi have “exploded sales” and are preparing “a tribute to all players”

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Emiliano Gianzi is one of the three children of Néstor and Roxana. The family runs the Bagunza shoe factory, which has “exploded in sales” in the last few hours after the message it sent to them went viral Lionel Messi via Instagram to thank them for the flip flops that they sent you and, incidentally, ask them for products for the whole family.

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Networks have exploded, queries have exploded and sales have explodedto such an extent that we had to stop them and declare that they are exhausted to settle us well”, he says clarion the only Independiente fan in the family.

The pause button was pressed this Thursday, after the video telling the story of the Mess 10 went viral from the company’s account. The 200,000 likes were largely exceeded in 24 hours. The one with “play” they hope they can press immediately.

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The impasse had to respond to the “bunch” of requests that had entered them.

The flip flop model was designed during the pandemic, immediately after the Olympic tour at the Maracana.

At a barbecue, the Gianzis, together with friends, looked for a way to get them to whoever broke the streak of 28 years without titles.

It was then that a contact arose with a relative of Rodrigo De Paul. The Atlético de Madrid midfielder promptly responded with praise to the team’s product photos and requested that they be sent to the AFA headquarters in Ezeiza.

The thing is Messi wanted to take them with him to Europe, where he will resume his activity with Paris Saint Germain. In November 2021, on the 10th he tried them and on December 6th he entered his Instagram, looked for the contact of Luciano, one of Emiliano’s brothers, and thanked him for the flip-flops white, with the albiceleste flag on the part that covers the fingers and a huge 10 in black.

“I’m Leo, I wanted to thank you for the flip flops you sent me. They are fantastic…”. It wasn’t from a fake account. The message was real and, moreover, he asked for pairs for his wife, Antonela, and three children, with details of the size they each wear.

“Leo’s unexpected message changed our lives”Emiliano assures clarion. “I lived these days, very crazy, with the same nerves as the World Cup final. The difference is that more than 24 hours have passed and they still haven’t left me,” she adds.

But the Gianzis don’t have in mind that the adventure ends here or so.

Emiliano confesses it with this leap to fame they had to delay a shoe project related to “Dibu” Martínez. However, he anticipates that in March the company will contact the Argentine Football Federation again to obtain a line that pays homage to the heroes of Qatar.

The idea is to create a customized model for each onethat we couldn’t do it before, as they had asked us, due to matrix and budget problems”, he says.

Emiliano, “very football fan”, as defined, cannot choose one of the 26 champions in particular. “I have enormous admiration for everyone.”

“Perhaps (Ángel) Di María,” he says, generates in him a love similar to the one he feels for the Argentine captain. But he doesn’t go that far. De Paul, Dibu Martínez and Nicolás Tagliafico “for what he did at Red”, he lists almost nostalgically, recalling the Copa Sudamericana won by Independiente at the Maracaná against Flamengo, with the left-back as captain.

“My two brothers are foresters,” she reveals. “It happens when you have grandparents from a different team and your dad doesn’t give many balls to soccer,” he jokes as he finishes painting the family photo across the ball.

Messi, the only idol he has had in his life, achieved what eight other Argentine national teams have tried but failed since 1986: lift the World Cup.

“Being world champions has had a positive influence and I think that even if it hadn’t happened, if it came to light and Leo took pictures with Luis Suárez in flip flops and we made this video, it would still go viral. ” assures.

“The love we have for Leo and above all for this national team goes beyond the Cup”concluded Emiliano, as happy as he was committed to the fabulous commercial success.


Source: Clarin

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