The incredible story of the footballer who paid €500,000 to leave a First Division club and sign for a Third Division in Spain

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Many times one wonders if the players really love the shirt they wear or if they are just passing through. This week, the experienced Spanish footballer Luke Perez He showed the deep roots one can feel for a club and, with an important gesture, he confirmed his arrival at the club Deportivo La Coruna out of love for the institution, which is going through a tough sporting moment.

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Pérez is a Spanish footballer from 34 years who boasts a long professional career with nine teams from different locations: RC Deportivo la Coruña, Rayo Vallecano, Elche, Deportivo Alavés and Cádiz from Spain, West Ham and Arsenal from England, PAOK from Greece and Karpaty Lviv from Ukraine.

He currently defends the colors of Cádiz in the First Division of Spanish football since January last year after spending a spell at Elche. But the tragic sporting situation that affects Deportivo La Coruña, the team where he forged his history of playing 96 matches and with whom he maintains an incalculable love, made him return from the institute.

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Pérez was born in A Coruña and from there he obtained his union with Deportivo, where, throughout his career, he has become a point of reference and an idol of the Galician institution, a place where he has also known how to shine and consecrate himself as a champion like a player, the coach now world champion Lionel Scaloni.

“All I want is to be happy, play again here in my house. It’s what I’ve wanted for a few years. It’s not Lucas’ team, it’s the team of La Coruña, of the city, of many people, of many children, of many grandparents, of many fathers and mothers”. del Depor.

Deportivo La Coruña currently play in the Spanish Third Division, after a free fall from relegation from the First Division in 2011.

Why would you move from a First Division club to a Third Division club? For the love of the club. “I’m very happy to be here. I come to the most difficult project of my career, trying to help my hometown team climb to the Professional League”, he confided.

But not only did he make the effort to drop two categories to help the club, but he also shelled out of his economy 500 thousand euros pay the release clause of the contract with Cadiz.

“The whole truth hasn’t been told. Up until three days ago, the president and I were talking about staying and about a process for the future. It all started at a barbecue where I told him I wanted to help Depor and he promised me he would see it and here I am. From the outside, I understand people don’t notice, but I haven’t done anything out of the ordinary. I am grateful to him and I was clear with my teammates and with what I wanted, which is to go back to my home,” said the footballer about his departure from Cadiz.

In the press conference he clarified that he is aware of the effort he is making to return to his club. “I am very aware and I am clear that I will come to play for Deportivo, which is not the same thing as playing in the Third Division. We have to let people know that I’m not a savior, give me or Messi we won’t be promoted instantlyHe remarked after his arrival in the historic club that was able to shine in the 90s.

“I have been doing this job for many years. I have no pressure, if it were up to me I would be delighted to start playing right away. We are a very big club, the season ticket holders are almost the same as the rest of the Galician teams combined, this is the best summary to define what sportsmanship is. I have that little thorn of relegation in the last stage here in A Coruña, I think about it every day. Pressure?… I’ve already played in Riazor,” said the footballer, showing he was ready to play in the Third Division.

After confirming his arrival, he was received at the Riazor stadium 7,000 fansthat he will enjoy the last years of his career at the club he loves.

Source: Clarin

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