The Argentinian González Metilli’s competition to win the Puskás al Golazo 2022: two World Cups and an amputee footballer

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At the FIFA gala for the award The best there will be a lot of Argentinian presence. Lionel Messi, Giuliano Alvarez, ‘Patta’ Martinez, Lionel Scaloni and the 47 million albicelesti who accompanied as fan the conquest of the World Cup in Qatar. But there is another, less known member of the ‘Scaloneta’, who will represent the Professional league in the prize puskaswhich distinguishes the best goal of the 2022 season.

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It concerns Francisco González Metilli25 years old and born in Tandil, which with the jersey of Central Cordoba of Santiago del EsteroHe scored for his great converted goal against Rosario Central as a guest. Is that it really was a definition worthy of being in the list of those who will compete for the prize that he won last year Erik Lamelafor his rabona for Tottenham.

González Metilli was unmarked towards the left side and, with a volley, put in a tremendous left-footed cross to convert the “Ferrovia” goal. Currently the attacker has returned to Argentinos Juniors, owner of his pass, and is negotiating his move to Newell’s de Rosario.

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But this goal will not be easy for him and he will have to compete with ten other candidates. Among them are the second goal by kylian mbappe in the World Cup final against the Argentina national team to partially tie the match 2-2 and define Polo Marcin Oleksy for your country’s Amputee Leagueamong others.

Kylian Mbappé – France vs Argentina Qatar 2022 World Cup Final

If there’s a goal we didn’t like, from an emotional point of view, it’s this one from Mbappé. Is that Argentina dominated the game in the Qatar 2022 World Cup Final and partially defeated France 2-0. In a flurry of minutes, as the game began to close its story, Mbappé served time on the scoreboard and with nine minutes left in the game, the Frenchman scored this aesthetically beautiful goal.

After a play spawned by him, he played for his teammate Kolo Muani who gave him back first and left the Paris Saint-Germain player face-to-face with goalkeeper Emiliano Dibu Martínez. From an air ball, Mbappé took a volley and scored the partial equaliser.

Theo Hernández- Milan-Atalanta

With this great goal, Theo Hernández achieved something similar to Diego Maradona’s historic run against England at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. Regardless of the context of each moment, the Frenchman from Milan scored a great goal against Atalanta.

After a clearance made by a team-mate in his own area, Theo unleashed all his speed and skill and with a tireless run he reached his rival’s area to define a cross from the left, against the Atalanta goalkeeper who was unable to nothing against the hierarchy of the side.

Marcin Oleksy – Polish League of Amputee

In the Polish amputee league there was a big goal which was postulated as one of the candidates to win the prize. The author of this artwork is from Polish footballer Marcin Oleksy, in a match against Wartan Poznan which ended in victory. The kicker received an aerial ball and, without hesitation, made a Chilean that left the rival goalkeeper unanswered.

It’s hard to believe I’ve been nominated for a FIFA award! This is unbelievable and I still don’t understand it” the footballer told the league press. The footballer lost his leg in an accident in 2010 while he was doing his working day on road works. He found in the championship a reason to move forward and today it competes for the best of the year award alongside stars such as Mbappé, Richarlison, among others.

Dimitri Payet – Olympique de Marseille vs PAOK Europa League

Anyone who has ever been a footballer, in the neighborhood, on the pitch or as a professional, dreamed of scoring a goal like the one scored by the striker Dimitri Payet against PAOK of Greece for the Europa League during the 2022 season.

The Olympique de Marseille footballer has been shortlisted to compete for the Puskás award, for a great volley from outside the box after receiving a corner kick. In the end, the French team won by 1-0 to the Greek team.

Richarlison – Brazil vs Serbia World Cup Qatar 2022

As is characteristic of Brazilian football, in the World Cup held in Qatar, richarison He entered the payroll with a signature goal of Rio de Janeiro football and reconfirming the play fair what characterizes it. The young striker, who currently plays for Tottenham in England, stood out with a volley in the match against Serbia, which ended in a 2-0 victory, group G of the World Cup.

Mario Balotelli-Adana Demirspor vs Goztepe

The goal of Super MarioIt’s as crazy as any we’re used to. Already in the last part of his stage as a professional footballer, the nationalized Italian stood out with a spectacular play that he defined with the rabona defending the shirt of Demirspor from Turkey.

He took the ball from the left, using dribbles called bicycles, he advanced inside the small area and when the goalkeeper came out to reduce the space, he defined a rabona cross for the Turkish team. Despite the fact that, in the end, the match ended in defeat by 3-2 against Galatasaray, the game left a moment that can get an award.

Amandine Henry – Olympique Lyon vs Barcelona Champions League Final

Women’s football knows great goals and the Olympique de Lyon footballer Amandine Henriand scored a salary-worthy goal to win the trophy. In the play, the 33-year-old got stuck going down three quarters of the pitch, carried the ball away and with a long-range shot beat the opposing goalkeeper.

Not only is it a great goal for aesthetics, but he scored it against Barcelona of Spain in the Champions League final which finally ended in the crowning of the French team.

Salma Paralluelo – Barcelona vs Villarreal Women’s football

Another great goal in women’s football. This time, created by former Spanish Villarreal sprinter Salma Paralluelo who scored against Barcelona as visitors.

The kicker grabbed the ball between two defenders with her back to goal and looked almost without a possible way out. But it wasn’t a point of intimidation for the player, as she naturally stepped between the opponents and when she faced the goal, she finished from outside the penalty area to pin it for a corner.

Alessia Russo- England vs Sweden

Alessia pulled a diamond from a comedy gone wrong. In a play in the match between England and Sweden for the women’s Eurocup, the English footballer was unable to make her first shot after a great play by the national team, but, on the goalkeeper’s rebound, she defined with heel and pipe to collaborate with the thrashed by 4-0 against the Swedish team.

Alou Kuol – Australia vs Iraq Sub 23

Seeing this goal automatically makes you think of that play by Colombian goalkeeper René Higuita who kicked a ball out of the net making a scorpion, as they say in the jargon. In the same way, but by scoring a great goal, Kuol defended the Australia shirt against Iraq of the Under 23 national team. After a cross from the right, the young footballer defined with great quality in front of the goalkeeper who remained without answers.

How to participate in the vote?

Fans can participate easily. To participate in the vote, just create an account on the official FIFA website and enter the “The Best FIFA Football Awards™ 2022” section.

Once entered in the section the user will have the possibility to vote for three people who will have to be chosen in order, based on the number of votes to be granted to each player. The vote is divided into three different points: the first place will be awarded 5 points, the second place 3 and the third place only 1.

To define the number of votes they want to assign, under a presentation of each person nominated to win the prize, there will be three boxes numbered from 1 to 3. There, remembering the order of votes, they will select in which position they will put the player. Example: selecting box 1 is equivalent to giving it 5 votes.

After each step, all that remains is to press a submit button to confirm the vote. Once done, it cannot be changed. Voting is enabled from this Thursday January 12 until February 2.

Source: Clarin

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