Taken off Stephen Curry: got annoyed by a bad shot by a teammate and threw his mouthguard at the crowd

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Stephen Curry has done it again. Did he surpass his mark of 14 triples in one game? No. With just over a minute left in the game against the Grizzlies, the Warriors’ star was overshadowed by a bad shot from the young Jordan Pool (23) and he reacted in the worst way: he swung his mouthguard against the public and was immediately expelled. It is not the first time that he has happened to him, he had already reacted like this in the 2016/2017 finals.

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Sports stuff. Finally, Jordan Poole was decisive in the final seconds to give the Golden State Warriors the victory over the Memphis Grizzlies in a tight board that finished 122-120. The escort of a ninety-three meterwho finished with 21 points, he capped off a set play under the rim for the win and break the constant equality that has marked the entire game.

As always, Stephen Curry was the most outstanding man with 34 points, but he also starred in the controversial image of the match as it was sent off for the third time in his career after throwing his mouthguard in a gesture of anger with just over a minute to go.

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There was maximum equality between the Warriors and the Grizzlies: up to 24 times the dominance in the standings changed, and in 18 moments the light was tied.

Golden State saved a very difficult game and thus stopped the crisis of results. After four home losses, they won again at the Chase Center.

For its part, Memphis added its fourth consecutive fall, the second without being able to count on Steven Adams.

Ja Morant (29 points and 12 assists) was the top scorer of some Grizzlies in which the Spanish Santi Aldama also stood out (13 points with a perfect 5 of 5 shooting plus 3 rebounds.

Following his team’s win, Curry came forward and acknowledged the error of his overreaction: “The game was at an important time and I reacted in a way that hurt my team.”

A game that was finally defined

The Warriors charged quickly with fouls early on, and in just five minutes Curry and Klay Thompson each racked up two personals.

Curry’s time on the bench for fouls invited Memphis to run more and they took advantage of it by making an offensive transition 0-7 only in the first quarter which ended, however, with a favorable result for the locals (24-22). .

Memphis has raised the defensive level, more aggressive and intense, and Golden State has not found agility in attack (14 defeats at halftime).

Despite this, the result has never had a great advantage for either of them.

The Grizzlies’ 3-point percentage was miserable (4-of-16 in the first half) and kept the Warriors alive, almost always dominating the light.

Aldama went into the break as his team’s second best scorer with 11 points and in the last minute before the break he was attacked by Jonathan Kuminga, who extended his left arm hitting the Spaniard’s face and was punished with a flagrant foul of the first category.

Curry, with 11 points in the second period, held the lead of the Warriors until, with the last basket by Morant – circus glimpse included – Memphis took the lead before facing the locker rooms (53-54).

Poole’s Revenge

Golden State got off to a good start on the track with a 7-0 run. The Warriors improved by sharing the ball on offense and greatly reducing turnovers.

The Grizzlies played many times attacking above the rim and it was where they did the most damage to their rival. An alley-oop between Morant and Dillon Brooks resulted in a technical foul for Draymond Green for protesting, his 14th this season.

The third was a quarter set: The Grizzlies also got an 0-9 improvement from the three line, and Golden State answered yet another 11-3.

Curry, now inflamed, manages with a three plus one to tie the score at 85-85, but Memphis closes the period better, with a more collective game, up to 90-96.

Golden State had a scoring slump early in the last period while Memphis, more coral, held the lead between five and ten points by controlling the game.

The score escalated and the expulsions arrived.

First Jaren Jackson Jr. for his sixth foul and, subsequently, the most controversial one, that of a Curry who came out early for his gesture of anger for a mistake by Poole in the triple.

Morant tied it up by scoring two to make it 116-116 and so they traded baskets until it was 120-120 with which Golden State engineered a background play to win the game.

Poole got the ball under the basket and his wrist didn’t shake to step up, score and seal a very important victory in a game that could have been taken by both.

With information from the EFE and NBA social networks

Source: Clarin

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