For the inmate in his good bar, Racing will receive Belgrano this Sunday behind closed doors

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The one inside the Good racing it is at its best. There are three groups fighting to keep the most precious place in the stands and that is why every party in Academy inside Cylinder It will be classified as high risk. For this reason, in the last few hours there have been several meetings between the top management, the Aprevide authorities headed by Eduardo Aparicio and a couple of prosecutors from Avellaneda. An agreement had been reached so that there would be an audience Sunday’s duel against Belgrano with an impressive security operation of 600 policemen. Even the tickets had already been printed. All until Sergio Berni, Minister of Security of the province of Buenos Aires, raised his voice. “There are no conditions to play with the fans”, warning. And his decision was supported by Governor Axel Kicilof.

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The Argentine championship got off to a bad start, with one match postponed (Vélez-Ginnastica) due to poor pitch conditions and another that will take place behind closed doors for the sake of bars. Likewise, what is happening with violent Racing is very worrying.

The bar inmate blew up a few months ago when he was arrested Leandro Paredes, the leader of The racing boysa band he ousted the imperial guard. With Paredes in prison, his deputy, Matías Alfonzo, nicknamed Patti’s face, was like the boss. It so happened that Paredes was released last week and accused Alfonzo of stealing his job. There have been two shootings: one in Villa Corina and another in Ezeiza, when the bars returned to the country after the trip to Abu Dhabi to watch the final against Boca of the International Super Cup. And the matter does not end there because a group of the imperial guard hard to come back

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Faced with this complex scenario, Aprevide started work at the beginning of the week. Five arrests were made on Tuesday morning just meters from the Cylinder. He also lobbied Racing to put bars, those who traveled to the UAE, on the right of admission. There was also a meeting at the Avenida Miter headquarters between violent leaders and academics to seek a truce. The feeling was that it would be played with the public. Until Berni said no.

Berni’s determination took Aprevide officials, who had already begun work on the operation, by surprise. That is why negotiations are currently underway for the minister to overturn his position. The race leaders are also pressing from their seats.

And Racing fans were quick to express their anger on social media. The non-presence of the public at the beginning of the championship would take place in the week in which the record of members and members was celebrated. “Historic record of active associates and current enrollees, record achieved in 2022 e topped this month with more than 84,000 people, and stall occupancy at 92%, It clearly marks an institutional growth and a seamless passion that translates into confidence in the management of the club. This round-trip between competitive teams with real investment plus an established institution and an audience that responds to these stimuli also represents a pillar for strategic development.”the club communicated.

The lack of fans will also be a blow to the team in charge Fernando Gago. “Something very beautiful is being generated. From game and form, we feed the illusion of the people. We were lucky to win two titles and without a doubt they are important. The boys deserve the support of the people this year, we want to need as always. From that we have to generate that enthusiasm on the pitch. It must be a mix between the players and the fans. The team won it with results and play. They accompanied us a lot in 2022.” the coach had stated this on Friday at noon.

Source: Clarin

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