Who is the Boca fan who jumped from the second tray who was with “persecution delusions” and drunk

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He was one of the protagonists on Sunday at La Bombonera and attracted attention for his reckless way of moving from second tray to first and then in the stalls, all as Boca took on Atlético Tucumán. What happened? The Boca fan who sustained serious injuries He was released in the last hours and claimed to have been beaten before the match, at the start of the Professional League.

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It concerns José Gonzalo Martínez, originally from Junín. According to what has been revealed, it is a man who suffered a psychotic episode with paranoid persecutory delusion and whose blood alcohol content was 1.24.

The man decided to change the stands because, as he explained, two people had attacked them. This made me panic and chose to go to another place, even if he had to cross the barbed wire which caused several injuries.

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The fan suffered injuries to the arm, torso and head due to the security guards mounted on the methacrylate that delimits the division between the public and the popular public in that sector of the stadium. Police personnel, doctors and lifeguards worked hard to ensure that the man suffered as little as possible from the consequences of his reckless jump.

According to the police report, Martínez received “deep drilling” from the barbed wire found in the structure, precisely in the area of ​​the hands and the torso.

Initially, Martínez was treated by Boca’s medical staff and was later referred to the Argerich hospital where after an hour he was discharged.

Some videos have gone viral on social networks where this fan is seen trying to pass from the second tray to the public. The footage shows Confidence him trying to help him after he was left dangling by one arm against barbed wire.

Not without much difficulty, this man ended up completing his mission but had to be taken to the hospital with some minor injuries. At the moment the club has not released any statement on the matter.

Source: Clarin

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