“Parents approached me in front of their wives and children”: the strong testimony of a Disney princess

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Castles, dreamlike environments, movie characters in real life… This and more is the Magic representing the world of Disney. And this too – and more – is what thousands of families who visit its parks every day try to find.

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However, as is often the case, everything has a file “Side B”, an unknown side that is usually far from reality. Yes the Appearances are deceiving And this is one of those cases.

In first person, a woman who worked at Disneyland Parkin California, USA, shared what it’s really like to work for the company as one of the park’s most popular princesses.

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“My parents approach me…”, the testimony of Snow White

In a post on the social network Redditsaid he represented the role of Snow White for a year after passing a casting while studying English at university, he posted The mirror.

While the experience was mostly positive, she said she had to put up with some questionable visitor behavior and maintain the beauty standards of a princess.

According to the outlet, the woman shared how the “bad dads” they flirted with her in front of their shameless wives and children. She also ensured that some they tried to touch her inappropriately.

“There were a lot of people, mostly men, who asked me to take a picture and when they approached they put their hand on my butt. On other occasions, boys—and sometimes girls—would come up to me and make explicit comments. Staying in character and trying to make sure the kids didn’t realize what was going on was difficult,” she said.

In describing other embarrassing moments, especially with her younger visitors, the woman indicated that the “worst” she experienced were “accidental touches of her breasts” and children who pull it wig.

Speaking of the latter, he explained: “It’s scary because you believe it [la peluca] it will come right off, but pins work wonders. However, it hurts“.

The now ex Disney princess claims it parents are often more difficult to treat even “spoiled” children. And added, second The mirrorthat young people are still learning how to act in certain situations, but that adults should know better.

“The parents they can become impatient and rude after waiting in line for over 45 minutes, but there were also some spoiled kids that I dealt with,” she said.

He added, “When we play characters, we can never underestimate how much people are obsessed with their favorite characters. People are crazy and will say and/or do anything to be able to interact. Sometimes it’s flattering, but sometimes it’s scary.”

The good and bad of being a princess

Describing what she enjoyed most about playing a princess, she explained that it was the satisfaction of knowing she was Snow White and that she surpassed many other beautiful and talented girls who had applied for the same role.

“I won’t say any names, but there was a girl who played Tinker Bell who was absolutely insufferable. Luckily, we didn’t cross paths much,” she said.

Furthermore, he clarified that all characters must comply with the princess beauty standard and, for example, by the way, they have to make sure their armpits are clean-shaven.

Source: Clarin

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