What is Luka Doncic’s new score that equals one between Michael Jordan and LeBron James?

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Luca Doncic he did it again. You dazzled in the party that Dallas won 111 to 105 at Detroitin which he broke the 50-point barrier for the fifth time in his career and added his name to a select list, where he was in the company of two true titans of the NBA.

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The Slovenian, who got 53 points, plus eight rebounds and 5 assistsIn 36 minutes on the court, he became just the third player in the past 50 years to score 50 or more points in five games in his first five seasons in world basketball’s most competitive league. Who are the other two? The living legend of the Bulls, Michael Jordanwho leads the list with 17 performances by those numbers, and the Lakers star, Lebron Jameswho was tied with Doncic for second place.

“It’s just amazing to be in these kind of confrontations. I don’t know what to say. Just being with them is fantastic for me. Really impressive,” commented the base, after his brutal night, who did nothing more than strengthen his bid for MVP.

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There’s more: This was his fourth game of the 2022/23 season with 50 or more points. He had added that amount on Dec. 23, in a 112-106 match against houston of visitor. Four days later, he had 60 points in a 126-121 win New York at home, in which he signed a triple double, with 21 rebounds and 10 assists. And he contributed 51 in tight 126 in 125 overs Sant ‘Antonioon the last day of 2022.

He also becomes the fourth player to close four games with that crop in a league, before February, after Jordan, Kobe Bryant Y James Hardenwho did it three times.

All this, with an ankle that “isn’t one hundred percent”, as he himself admitted. Is that the match against Detroit marked the return of Luka, after missing the duel against Utah last Saturday (108-100 win) due to a small sprained left ankle that he had suffered the day before against alone (He didn’t score in the Mavs’ 99-95 run).

Doncic was over 70 percent effective on field goals, hitting 12 of 13 doubles and 5 of 11 triples. He also hit 14 of 18 free throws, for the second-best mark by a player in a game in history of the Mavericks. The first? Those 60 added before the ornaments just over a month ago.

“It’s about being aggressive. I was aggressive throughout the match. Sometimes they doubled up. Others not. I was just aggressive,” analyzed the Slovenian.

“It’s difficult. He puts you inside with his body and scores. Otherwise, on the free throw line. Otherwise, triple with ‘take a step back’. If you don’t have his rhythm and his body, you won’t be able to stop him. We are not the first nor will we be the last to suffer it “, she commented, with resignation, Dwayne CaseyDetroit coach.

The same hasn’t been all joy for the Mavs’ star point guard. Because he starred in a crossover with the Pistons’ coaching staff, which thankfully didn’t go any further. “They tried to criticize me and badmouth me in the first quarter. They didn’t like it when I answered and they said: ‘to play basketball’. If they’re going to criticize me, I criticize back. I’m not afraid”He explained.

Doncic’s wonderful gift is the opposite of the troubling reality of Dallas, who suffers from an extreme addiction to Luka. There is a fact that makes it clear: without him on the field, the Texan franchise has a record of 0-6 in this championship. And against the Pistons, the point guard not only scored nearly 50 percent of his team’s points, but he also interfered in one way or another on 65 of Jason Kidd’s team’s 111 total.

With performances like the Slovenian one, the Mavs shouldn’t suffer as they did by beating Detroit, the second worst team in the regular season (13-39 record, only worse than Houston’s 12-38). But while Doncic shines every time he steps on the parquet, the rest of the team can’t keep up with him and accompany him. And even if, thanks to his performances, Dallas remains in the playoff positions (it is sixth in the Western Conference, with 27 wins and 25 losses); versions are already circulating around the team assuring this “Everything that isn’t Luka is for sale”.

Source: Clarin

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