Video: He found his mother beaten to death by his stepfather: he went looking for him and was relentless when he found him

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A young woman returned home to find herself in a dire situation. though not unusual. It wasn’t the first time, but it was the cruelest. Or so she seemed to him. And he couldn’t take it anymore. Her fury invaded her and she decided to call it quits. A macabre end.

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The shocking scene of the “revenge” of the young woman, who is 25 years old, it was caught on a security camera and the images quickly went viral on social media, where there is still debate as to whether the girl was good or bad.

That’s what the young woman had found his mother beaten to death by a brutal beating delivered by her stepfather, a 39-year-old man identified only as Maikon.

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But man, what He had a record for robbery, threats, violence domestic violence, disturbing the peace, intentional bodily harm and limitation of liberty, he had left after beating his wife, which he used to do, but this time it seemed even more cruel.

It all happened on Sunday, January 22, when the daughter arrived at her home on Avenida Afluente, in Portal Caiobá, in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, and found her mother she was lying on the floor covered in blood. I was barely breathing.

together with a friend, he took his mother’s car and went to look for his stepfather. She knew exactly where she could find the coward: drinking alcohol in a bar. And there she was, full of rage.

As seen in the pictures, when the woman found him, he hit him with the car. Twice. She slammed him against the wall. The man remained alive and was taken to hospital but he could not resist and died shortly after.

The victim was hospitalized with trauma to the abdomen and hip and her condition was considered delicate, requiring surgery by the orthopedic team. However, during the morning, Maikon suffered cardiorespiratory arrest and died.

the young man escaped after running over his stepfather but he had to get out of the car because when he got on the sidewalk to step on the man, the front tire was punctured and he continued his escape on foot.

The Military Police and the Civil Police searched intensely for the young woman, who did not return to her home or to the places she frequented. Meanwhile, the discussion continues online: Is the young woman’s action justified?

Source: Clarin

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