The ATP has closed an internal case against Alexander Zverev over an alleged assault on his former partner

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At the end of 2020, Olya Sharipovaformer partner of Alexander Zverev, surprised the tennis world when she accused the German of physically, verbally and psychologically assaulting her during their relationship. The former Russian tennis player released her statement on social media, but she never filed a formal complaint. It was nearly a year before she the ATP extension decided to open an “independent investigation” into the case, which lasted 15 months. And finally, on Tuesday, the organization that governs men’s tennis announced it would not impose sanctions against the current 14th-placed player, as “enough evidence” was not found to substantiate the charge.

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“After an exhaustive 15-month trial, based on a lack of credible evidence and testimony, as well as contradicting statements by (alleged victim Olya) Sharypova, Zverev and other interrogators, investigators were unable to substantiate the allegations of abuse or determine whether the ATP rules relating to violations have been violated on site or serious infractions by players,” the agency wrote in a statement.

He continued: “As a result, no disciplinary action will be taken against Zverev. This determination, however, could be revised if new evidence emerges or if any legal proceedings reveal violations of ATP rules. Zverev has consistently denied all allegations and cooperated with the investigation.

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The investigation was conducted by the private firm Lake Forest Group (LFG) and, although it mainly focused on the alleged acts of violence that occurred during the Shanghai Masters 1000 2019it also looked into alleged abuse of the German against his ex-girlfriend that occurred in Munich, New York and Geneva.

The post that Sharypova made instagram in October 2020, which was the one that sparked the controversy, he spoke of an alleged bombing during the US Open of the previous year.

“I had to flee the hotel barefoot. I was on a street in New York and didn’t know where to go or what to do. He tried to strangle me with a pillow, leaned my head against the wall, twisted my arms C ‘was a time when what I feared for my life. This was neither the first nor the last time he laid his hand on me during our relationship.“Described Russian, without naming German directly.

Over the next few months, she gave more details about what she would experience in interviews with different media outlets.

During the trial, LFG investigators questioned Zverev, Sharypova and 24 others, including two other former partners of the German, players, friends and family, and people involved with the ATP tour.

Furthermore, they examined text messages, audio files and photos provided by the two concerned; materials voluntarily taken from Zverev’s electronic devices, through an external expert; operating records related to the Shanghai tournament; documents presented by third-party witnesses; and public records, including social media posts and press reports.

Ultimately, they could not find enough evidence to substantiate the abuse allegations.

Massimo CalvelliCEO of the ATP, said: “The seriousness and complexity of these allegations required an extremely thorough investigative process and considerable resources. In addition, we called on specialized investigators, which was new ground for the ATP. Ultimately, we believe the process was necessary to arrive at an informed judgement. It also demonstrated the need for us to be more sensitive to safeguarding. It is why we have taken steps in that direction, with much important work still to be done.”

Zverev, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic champion, moved up to number two in the rankings midway through last year, but dropped several places after tearing several ligaments in his right ankle during their semifinal duel in Roland Garros 2022 in view of Rafael Nadal, which he left in a wheelchair and in tears. He had to undergo surgery and returned to the field only at the beginning of the current season, in united cup.

The long inactivity caused him to fall to 14th place in the standings, a position he has held since Monday, after an unhappy period at the Australian Openwhere he was eliminated in the second round by the lucky loser American michael mmoh.

Now, with the investigation concluded, it seems that the German can finally close one of the toughest chapters – perhaps the worst – of his life and career and concentrate all his energies on recovering the ground lost due to the injury.

Source: Clarin

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