Home Sports Chiquito Romero, the best news from Boca: he makes Agustín Rossi forget with the same ‘savior’ formula

Chiquito Romero, the best news from Boca: he makes Agustín Rossi forget with the same ‘savior’ formula

Chiquito Romero, the best news from Boca: he makes Agustín Rossi forget with the same ‘savior’ formula

The best, and perhaps the only, news for Boca at the start of 2023 is in the goal. And it’s a surprise. Because right there the biggest gap was left before the departure of one of the figures of him like Agustín Rossi and a decisive piece to be a two-time champion last year. However, and with all the necessary protections because he is a footballer who still shows physical weaknesses, Sergio Chiquito Romero is scaring away all ghosts.

Since the diver started as starter, he came out to play two matches at the Bombonera and went away with 180 minutes without conceding a goal. But something else: in both games he was decisive. Against Atletico Tucumán In the first date of the tournament, he held a timely one-on-one against Marcellus Estigarribia (with the game tied 0-0) who later helped his team to their first win.

And this Sunday against Central Córdoba in Santiago del Estero to save a fundamental penalty, against Castelli, precisely in the great specialty in which Rossi had distinguished himself. There wasn’t a single person who didn’t think of Cristiano Ronaldo’s current teammate at Al-Nasser before the penalty. But Romero answered.

“It’s always nice to help. In the penalty, if I anticipated it, I’d cut it, I ate a yellow one and it was a penalty. I saw that only the opposing player arrived and if I anticipated it I could arrive earlier, but luckily afterwards I was able to help the team, which that’s what matters.”Romero said, with good feelings in La Boca’s goal after two games.

Only because of him there was no more talk of Rossi’s departure. And this is a merit of the goalkeeper who for a decade maintained the goal of the Argentine national team to be the one with the most appearances for Albiceleste in that position.

Even if work, as we know, is in a team. And just as Rossi has thanked in each of the penalties he covered during 2021 and 2022, Romero has confessed as well. “We had studied with Fer Gayoso, (the technical staff goalkeeping coach) Javi García and Leandro Brey how he kicked. Luckily I was able to help my teammates from my seat ”, concluded the man who, in his career, counts eleven successes before the maximum 35 penalty shots that have been taken.

The missionary, nearing his 36th birthday, once again startled more than one when, after stopping the shot from twelve steps, he grabbed his left elbow in a gesture of pain. The first applause and the recognition of the Bombonera came from the goalkeeper forged in Racing and who arrived in 2022 with the idea of ​​starting in this championship. For now, with his physique under the magnifying glass, he’s complied.

“Sergio is a great goalkeeper, I can’t talk about the questions about him. He showed that in a difficult moment of the match he was able to support the team and save the penalty. All the people expected him to do it and finally he did. He has considerable experience and he is showing it match after match, I see him training every day and I see him getting better and better.”Hugo Ibarra has reviewed a footballer who had an enormous responsibility and who in his first games in Boca’s goal is leaving all certainties.

Source: Clarin


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