The pain of Reutemann’s daughter after revealing that she was hurt in Formula 1: “She left with that pain in her heart”

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the confession of Bernie Ecclestonewho noted that on the last date of the 1981 championship of Formula 1 he had a “financial argument” to damage Carlos Reuteman and by preventing him from winning the title, he rocked the premier class world. And it has generated anger and indignation among Argentine fans and the family of lolwho always considered the man from Santa Fe as the “uncrowned champion” of that season.

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Cora Reutemandaughter of the legendary driver, echoed the statements of the Briton, who held the rights to F1 between 1981 and 2017, and reaffirmed his request to recognize his father’s triumph.

“Ecclestone admitted bribing Reutemann in 1981,” he wrote Chirpingciting the publication of the portal News Notes. “You understand that he is the real World Champion? Not to mention that they took away all 9 points from him in the South African race”.

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“It’s not just dad. They also stole the championship from an Argentinian,” he added.

“He left with that pain in his heart. I know,” he said, responding to a user who regretted that the rider was never able to celebrate his “deserved championship”.

Another person pointed out that Reutemann always knew what happened but kept it to himself due to his “greatness and humility.”

“Too much for my liking…but I’ll claim it,” Cora answered. And he promised: “I will claim to be anointed 1981 World Champion, I told BE (Editor’s note: Bernie Ecclestone) before Dad left. I’m glad he listened to me. Too bad I couldn’t tell him “.

Reutemann had reached the Las Vegas Grand Prixlast round of the 1981 championship, as leader of the championship, with an advantage over Nelson Piquetteam driver brahbamof which Ecclestone was duel.

In the circuit built in the hotel car park Caesars Park from that city by definition, the Argentine was fastest in qualifying and took pole position. Therefore, he made it clear that his chances of making history were unbeatable. However, issues outside the track ended up weighing heavily. And the Argentine finished eighth in the race and the title remained in the hands of the Brazilian, who overtook him by one.

It was always believed that Lole didn’t have the full support of williams, his team at the time. The suspicion was that his team had not been happy with his “act of rebellion” in Brazil, in the second round of the championship, when he had ignored the order to let his teammate through. allan jones and ended up taking the top step of the podium. And who, for this reason, from then on gave priority to the Australian. But now, 41 years after that settlement, Ecclestone’s words shed light on the controversy.

“We noticed that there was a lot of g-force due to the way the corners were built. And after the first day of practice it was obvious that the riders were going to have problems with all the pain in the neck. Carlos went to talk to the masseur who “was in the pits. I went to that person and after a financial discussion, they decided to favor Nelson. I don’t know if I ever told Carlos,” the Briton said in the documentary “Lucky!”which looks back on his decades as a first-class CEO and can be seen on Star+.

And he closed: “We won the 1981 championship and it was the end for Carlos, who stopped racing that year”.

Source: Clarin

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