Formula 1: with the presence of Zidane, Alpine showed the A523 and opted again for a traditional version and a squad

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All that was missing was that one of the ten teams of the Formula 1 will present the car with which he will tackle the season which will begin with the Bahrain GP on 5 March. This Thursday Alpine revealed the new A523which actually has two models: traditional blue and pink which he will use in some races in 2023.

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Following Monday’s shakedown at Silverstone, the French team chose London nightclub Printworks to unveil the new car.

Aesthetically, the decision was keep the traditional blue with touches of pink -similar to that of 2022 but with more areas with visible carbon fiber, as did its competitors to reduce the weight of the car- and add like last year a version in the colors of the main sponsor of the team (BWT) which will be performed in the first three tests: Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Australia.

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As for the technical data, the muzzle is flattened and short, different from its predecessor, unlike the sidepods which are almost identical. The air intake of the radiators is also different, similar to what was seen in the other presentations.

Technical director Matt Harman revealed that they too have changed the rear suspension from pullrod to pushrod to lighten the weight of the car, clean the airflow and make it easier for mechanics to service the rear.

“It was another milestone for the A523 with our shakedown at Silverstone and I’m glad the day went well,” Harman said at the presentation.

“These days are, of course, limited and unrepresentative, but we certainly had a great day and now we’re looking forward to testing in Bahrain, where we hope to continue learning about the 2023 car,” he added, referring to the pre-season. tests that will take place from 23 to 25 February.

With Esteban Oconthe driver who has been with the team since the Renault era, e Pierre GasleyComing from Alpha Tauri, Alpine are hoping for a top 3 finish after finishing fifth in 2021 and fourth in 2022.

“We are showing great progress in 2022 and everyone in France and the UK has been working hard to develop the car for 2023. The livery is fantastic, it really stands out and I’m sure it will look great on the runwayOcon said.

Gasly, who will replace Fernando Alonso, said:I’m really looking forward to this next phase of my career.. I look forward to seeing the potential and capabilities of the A523 in pre-season testing and to continue to feel more comfortable with the team.”

Gasly and Ocon pose with the traditional version of the new Alpine.  Reuters photo/Paul Childs

Gasly and Ocon pose with the traditional version of the new Alpine. Reuters photo/Paul Childs

otmar szafnauer“It was a fantastic feeling to achieve our goals in 2022 by finishing a well-deserved fourth place in the Constructors’ Championship, a healthy and significant milestone,” explained Alpine’s director.

“Just under 80 remain in our 100 race plan (to be champions) and I am proud to lead the team on this journey. For 2023, the goal is simple: We have to at least finish fourth and in a much more convincing way. That is, finished races, more points and fewer retirements. I have high expectations for all team members, especially Esteban and Pierre, who will work collaboratively to achieve the best possible results for the team.”

Zinedine Zidane, the ambassador

Source: Clarin

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