The women’s national team has closed the tour in New Zealand: seven goals in three games and the historical fact invites illusion

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THE Argentina women’s team adjust the engines. The team led by German Portanova has a clear goal: arrive in the best possible way at the World Cup which will be held in Australia and New Zealand. While the competition will take place between 20 July and 20 Augustalbiceleste team completed this week a historical tour, which invites the illusion.

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The journey was, in fact, through one of the two World Cup venues which for the first time will have 32 teams. New Zealand -on two occasions- and Chile were the victims of the Albiceleste. For this reason, the balance, in terms of results, was very positive.

The first duel was against the Trans-Andean team -which then lost the chance to reach the World Cup in the playoffs against Haiti- and the victory was 4-0 with goals by Eliana Stable, Mariana Larroquette, Yamila Rodriguez AND Florence Bonsegundo.

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The second Test was against New Zealand and once again they were victorious. This time the result wasn’t so cumbersome, but he started to glimpse the data that would materialize a few days later. The Argentine team prevailed 2-0 and those in charge of scoring the goals were Mariana Larroquette AND Aldana Cometti.

The close was, again, with victory and again had New Zealand as a rival. This time the result was shorter, as they managed to win 1 to 0. And as with the entire tour, Mariana Larroquette was in charge of writing her last name on the board.

There are several points to highlight. All positive. First of all, and despite the fact that they were friendlies, having obtained three victories speaks of a consolidation at the level of the game and a growing performance, especially for confidence.

Another aspect to highlight is having been able to keep the barrier at zero, which defines the standard of defensive solidity. In fact, it was the first time in history that Argentina managed to keep their goal undefeated in back-to-back matches against a rival that wasn’t South American.

Mariana Larroquette He was the great figure of the Argentine team. The 30-year-old striker, who currently works for León de México, he scored three goals in three games and proved to be a very important offensive card.

The conclusions are more than positive. It is true that there are many months ahead of the World Cup and that the opponents will be top notch, but it is also true that the level shown speaks of an improvement and of a pairing which, if it continues to rise, will give headaches to more than one.

Argentina’s group at the World Cup

Those directed by Germán Portanova will integrate the G group. The rivals on duty will be: Italy, South Africa and Sweden. In this first stage, all duels will take place in New Zealand.

Logically, and beyond all illusions, the goals are clear. The first is to be able to obtain the first victory of the Argentine national team in the history of a World Cup. Those who are more of a dreamer will want to be able to secure a ticket for the round of 16, but that would be taking a further step forward, bearing in mind that there will be two European Championships in the area.

Match days and times

Monday 24th July
03.00 Argentina-Italy

Thursday 27 July
21.00 Argentina vs South Africa

Wednesday 2nd August
​04.00 Argentina vs Sweden

Source: Clarin

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