The champions of ’78 and ’86 respond to De Paul: from “revised history” to “they lost against Saudi Arabia”

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The debate had already been opened by Clarín yesterday morning. “Was Scaloneta the best team in history?” asked Luis Vinker in a note in which he analyzed and compared the world champion in Qatar with other national teams that reached the top: in that portrait appeared the teams of Menotti and Bilardo, who won the historic World Cup in Argentina 78 and Mexico 86 and even the golden generation that won the gold medal in basketball in Athens 2004.

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Hours later, Rodrigo De Paul He entered the controversy in an interview with Tyc Sports: “Forgive me all, but in the end we were the best team in our country”supported the midfielder of Scaloni’s team.

“I’m not saying this out of selfishness, far from it. I think the national team had better players than those who make up this one, but as a team we beat all the reigning champions there were, the last American champion (Brazil), the last European champion (Italy) and the last world champion (France)”, continued De Paul, who tried to avoid controversy, even if the answers were not long in coming.

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The first to answer was Peter Pascolichampion with the team led by Maradona and Bilardo in Mexico 86. who spoke to Super Deportivo on Radio Villa Trinidad: “I invite De Paul to see the 86 World Cup and our team that was undefeated champion. This team lost to Saudi Arabia, who had never beaten us before“.

Even the former champion with Argentinos Juniors in 1984 and 1985 didn’t leave himself alone with that foundation, but tried to highlight the merits of what the ’78 and ’86 teams did, compared to the Qatari champion. “I don’t think it’s the best selection in history. There were very good selections. The one from 78 that made people have a lot of fun. Argentina lost against Saudi Arabia, and it’s the first time they beat us in a game. We, for example, were world champions, undefeated. We haven’t lost any games. I understand what you’re saying, but maybe you haven’t seen the rest of the selections“, assured Pasculli taking note of the way in which the team led by Maradona consecrated itself.

Pedro Pasculli at the consecration of Mexico 1986, together with Carlos Bilardo, his coach.  Photo: STAFF / AFP

Pedro Pasculli at the consecration of Mexico 1986, together with Carlos Bilardo, his coach. Photo: STAFF / AFP

The 62-year-old former footballer faced directly the one led by Diego Simeone at Atlético de Madrid. “He (De Paul) says this team didn’t have the best players, but he thinks it was the best in history. As? He says there were other teams with better players, but they’re not the best in history. So you disrespect your teammates., when it is said that they were not the best. We were the best in ’86, but De Paul didn’t see that World Cup. I don’t know where I was, I hadn’t started playing football yet and I wasn’t even born. The truth would invite him to see the 1986 World Cup and our national team,” the former Colón said in no uncertain terms.

Then, Daniel Bertonipart of the Menotti team, e Julio OlarticoecheaPasculli’s partner in the group that lifted the cup at the Azteca Stadium, joined the debate speaking with TN.

BasqueFrom a more correct role, he tried to calm the waters and equally acknowledge the three world consecrations: “It seems to me that De Paul wasn’t right, it’s not an offense, mind you, but it doesn’t show clearly. Each Selection had its moment. The main thing is that we have made a people happy, not just themus too in 1986 and the boys in 1978. Only the national team can unite a people, incredibly, when it should be normal”.

The Vasco Olarticoechea, reference Argentina.  Photo: CONMEBOL

The Vasco Olarticoechea, reference Argentina. Photo: CONMEBOL

And I add: “Not well. Full stop, is your thought. Who can tell are the journalists who have lived through the three World Cups. We’ve all had problems: those of ’78, us of ’86 and now. Then who was the better selection, it’s not up to me to say”

Bertoni, on the other hand, did not agree very much with the statements of the small engine: “I am proud to have worn the national team shirt and that Argentina has three World Cups. Comparisons are very bad, since the three had setbacks in the final but were able to turn the situation around and win the World Cup. Proud that Argentina has three stars”.

Daniel Bertoni at the time as a player for the Menotti national team.  Photo: The graphics

Daniel Bertoni at the time as a player for the Menotti national team. Photo: The graphics

In short, the Qatari champion has given rise to a debate where there are probably still famous characters who come out to answer him, but he still doesn’t exist a definitive answer​.

The moment De Paul opened the debate

In a dialogue with Tyc Sports, the Atlético de Madrid player expressed his opinion on the place that Scaloni’s squad has occupied among all those in the history of the Argentine nation. I wait.

Source: Clarin

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