Ricardo Gareca will be the new Vélez coach and will lead the country again after ten years

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Ricardo Gareca will be the new coach of Vélez. He is confirmed. El Fortín, which suffered the departure of Alexander Medina after defeat against MouthIt was always clear it was time to make the rounds of a man of the house. Of course, Tigre will begin his second coaching cycle at the club and, in this way, the wishes of the fans who have asked for his return will be fulfilled.

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However, it won’t be an easy task for the former Peruvian team coach. Liniers’ team is not having its best moment. In the first five dates of the current tournament he managed to collect only 5 units, the result of one win, two draws and two defeats. But we must not stay with the weak start of the tournament, last semester, even if the club reached the semifinals of the Copa Libertadores, ended in twenty-sixth place.

Gareca’s job must be arduous and will have the task of recovering the best performances of players such as Lucas Pratto, Diego Godin, Lautaro Giannetti, among others. But, on the other hand, empower young people like Julián Fernández, Mateo Seoane, Elías Cabrera, among many others. Logically, his experience and knowledge of the institution make him the right man for this moment.

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El Tigre returns home: he will conduct again at Liniers.  EFE/Daniel Jayo

El Tigre returns home: he will conduct again at Liniers. EFE/Daniel Jayo

Gareca’s contract would have lasted until December 2023, i.e. until the end of the year. El Fortín will have elections this year and, for this reason, one of Tigre’s requirements would be that, whoever wins the electoral act, Christian Bassedas, current manager, continues in office.

On his first pass, the 65-year-old coach’s numbers were extraordinary. Gareca won the Clausura 2009, the Clausura 2011, the Torneo Inicial 2012 and the Super Cup 2012/13. In total, he led 254 matches, won 130 times, drew 65 and lost the remaining 59. These results give him a 60% effectiveness rate.

In the meantime, the duo made up of Marcelo Bravo-Hernán Manrique has taken over the technical management of the squad on an interim basis: the club’s intention is for both technicians to lead the team that will play this Sunday from 9:30 against Talleres de Córdoba for the sixth round of the tournament.

Source: Clarin

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