Messi’s future: the “perfect” dream of Italian glory for Maradona’s story to continue in Naples

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Napoli has the best memories of the great Argentine footballers, but above all of Diego Armando Maradona, who since his arrival in 1984 has been a point of reference and leader of a golden era of the southern Naples team. There was the pleasant memory of having one of the best footballers in the world as the protagonist. And now, some who lived through that Diego period are excited to repeat that history with the current best player in the world. Lionel Messi.

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Era Roberto Donadiniformer player of the Italian national team – vice world champion in 1994 – and protagonist of a golden era for Milan, where he won 18 titles, including 3 Champions League and 6 Serie A titles, who presented his wish. The historic exponent of Catenaccio spoke of the possible arrival of Messi to football, mainly at Naples, absolute leader in the Italian classification, as he considers it the most suitable for his game.

Roberto Donadoni dreams of Messi at Napoli.  PHOTO AFP / ROBERTO SALOMONE

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Roberto Donadoni dreams of Messi at Napoli. PHOTO AFP / ROBERTO SALOMONE

“Today, right now, the ideal club for Messi would be the same in which Maradona played, Naples. Because he is playing perfect football for Messi, playing a lot with the ball, without so much speed but with so much technique for Messi it would be perfect. It would be the end of the world for Messi in Napoli, because Napoli winning with Maradona and Napoli winning with Messi would be fantastic. maximum for the Neapolitan people“quoted the former footballer and current coach in an interview with Super Deportivo Radio de Santa Fe.

As the chat continued, Donadoni continued to praise both Argentine footballers, far from falling into the crude comparison that is usually made and clarified that the best thing to do without enjoying both was to put them on the scale.

“Maradona was a fantastic, phenomenal player, the best of my time, ever. But Messi is Messi, he’s a player with different characteristics, and I think it’s good for Argentina to have in the last 20 years two of the most important players. They are players who each have their own story. We all know that Maradona is very well. Messi’s isn’t over yet because he still has the chance to play a few years at a high level. The fact that I managed to win a World Cup is fantastic“he quoted.

Photo Guillermo Rodriguez Adami - CLARIN

Photo Guillermo Rodriguez Adami – CLARIN

Messi’s style of play is adapting to what is happening in football today, and this is one of the characteristics that the 59-year-old Italian celebrates. Also, it was clear when he spoke about the recent World Cup victory in December 2022 that he lifted in Qatar.

I think everyone expected, for a Messi on Olympus, the conquest of a World Cup. And he managed to achieve this. It’s a beautiful thing for him. The football of my time had a little more technique, now we pay more attention to the physique, speed, athletic quality, but some quality has been lost. Luckily there are players like Messi, who carefully maintain this level of quality. Players with great technique, like Messi, are the best and they are the players you like to watch.”

The desire of the Italians that Messi, the current best player in the world, land in Italy to continue the story of Maradona.  (Photo by FRANCK FIFE/AFP)

The desire of the Italians that Messi, the current best player in the world, land in Italy to continue the story of Maradona. (Photo by FRANCK FIFE/AFP)

On several occasions Donadoni has been a fervent defender of both Maradona and Messi, encouraged in an interview with the newspaper Ole choose: “I like Messi more than Cristiano Ronaldo because he’s technically a different player.” Clearly he “makes the difference on the pitch”.

“Messi is a quiet, simple boy, a boy I think is a good example for young people“he quoted.

The Argentinian star still has his current contract with Paris Saint-Germain, until June 30 this year, when his contract with the Parisian outfit expires.

Source: Clarin

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