Strong message from Fabián Doman to Independiente in a key week for Stillitano’s continuity

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The continuity of Leandro Stillitano it is on the table for discussion Independent. The start of the rookie coach cycle was not a good one. He won on the first date and it piled up from there four draws and two defeats. The team doesn’t show a convincing game, apart from the fact that there have been some positive signs in the last few days, especially on an individual level. In this scenario, Saturday’s game against Colon in Avellaneda it appears as a key commitment. And in this sense, the president Fabiano Doman chose to speak again after a couple of weeks in silence a send a message to Villa Dominico.

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“We’re in a bad, bad streak. I don’t like being president of a club that hasn’t won six games. I don’t ask for patience and whoever boos has the right to boo”expressed the boss of the Red Army in dialogue with the partisan radio program The visor.

“We are in a clear and evident transition phase, which won’t take five months. There is a football, sporting project that cannot work perfectly in the first few months, but can’t even have 7 pointsThe coach continued, making clear his dissatisfaction with the team’s present.

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Leandro Stillitano needs a win to catch his breath: he hasn't won in six rounds.  Photo: Juan Manuel Foglia

Leandro Stillitano needs a win to catch his breath: he hasn’t won in six rounds. Photo: Juan Manuel Foglia

And he referred to DT’s continuity: “Stillitano is an extraordinary professional, talking to him two or three times a day is a pleasure. He is very aware. What happens or doesn’t happen on Saturday depends on him. Leandro is the very concerned because of everything that’s going on, I know him and it would be a shame if he doesn’t continue.”

Did the president mark the pitch for the coach? Doman’s words are not addressed only to the coach. The Devil’s top leader also sent a message to campus. To generate a reaction to touch their intimate fiber, as they say in the football environment, is the attempt of the journalist and television presenter.

how he learned clarionThe relationship between Doman and Stillitano is very good and they have a fluid dialogue. In fact, after the president’s statements, both spoke by telephone and one of the topics they discussed was the signing of a contract for Tomás Rambert, son of Pascualito and figure in the Reserve, as Doman himself later expressed in TNT Sports.

The board has no plans to make a decision regarding DT continuity if the triumph drought isn’t broken this weekend.

For his part, Stillitano also came out to establish his position: “I’m not going away, I’m very well, the coaching staff is very good with the players. I haven’t listened to the president’s statements. We all want to win, president, players and I live in Avellaneda and I see that the fans understand the club’s moment and continue to support it” he said in sports radio d.

And he condemned: “Platense and Defensa took away our trust, but against the Instituto I saw a response from the players and also in the match against Barracas. The team must play better and win. I try to look to the positive and I am convinced that on Saturday we’ll have a good game.”

On the one hand they say they won’t kick him out and on the other they say they won’t leave. However, in the Independiente atmosphere there is a climate of certain tension which means that this Saturday’s match will not be another one. Everyone wants it to finally take off. Otherwise?

Source: Clarin

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