“12 Lucas la popular”: controversy over ticket prices to see Messi in the Argentine national team

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Has football, the most popular sport of all, stopped being so? Many were amazed on December 20 when more than four million people took to the streets of Buenos Aires and overflowing the urban highways that connect Ezeiza with the federal capital, although the reason it seems more than obvious: in addition to those who went to celebrate the national title in Qatar 2022, for the tens of thousands of fans who It was the only opportunity to see Lionel Messi, Dibu Martínez and company up close. And the odds that the AFA has just published for the matches against Panama and Curaçao seem to confirm this theory.

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Google searches have exploded in the last few hours. Internet traffic indicated when ticket sales began for the match between Argentina and Panama to be played on March 23. The answer came in the early hours of this Wednesday: Sale, via virtual queue, begins Thursdays at 2pm on www.deportick.comthe ticket seller who makes her debut with the matches of the national team.

But the fever for the national team is so great that it has also translated into requests for accreditations to cover the match which have exceeded 130,000, that is more than two Rivers together.

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However, controversy erupted when they met prices starting at $12,000 and going up to $49,000. You don’t have to be a math genius: at least a typical family would have to spend nearly fifty thousand pesos, just on tickets, to attend the Campo del River for the match between Argentina and Panama.

The prices of Argentina – Panama

  • Popular: $12,000
  • Least Popular (up to 10 years): $7,000
  • Sívori and Centenario Media: $24,000
  • San Martín and Belgrano Alta: $24,000
  • San Martín and Belgrano Baja: $48,000
  • Sanmartín and Belgrano Media: $49,000

Humor as Therapy: Rage and Ticket Price Memes

The reaction of the networks to the excessive price of tickets was not long in coming. And users have been shipped with all. “Court of cheetos”, was the one that Boca fans chose to vent their anger over the cost of tickets for the match that will be played at the Monumental. But humor was also appealed to. As always, the Simpsons were not missed. These are some of the memes that have invaded the networks.

Source: Clarin

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